0xGames - FreeTON Partnership Proposal

Hi Stream,

can you please share your latest updates?
or is still under work

Hello everybody! We are still working on it. I hope to be able to give a good update in September

Ok, great, keep us updated.

Would be very nice to see it. I feel like more and more games partnership are gonna flood into the forum soon. And your’s will be a nice example of successful partnership.

ок, удачи ребятам.

Вообще продвигать TON через игры может стать перспективной идеей

Gaming world is growing time by time. This team really came up with creative idea.

I’m fascinated by gamedev too. Need any help?

тематика интересная, и ребята видно качественные

вообще с продвижением TON’а, как я заметил, не очень хорошо. Может через игры что-нибудь получится

Классно, ребята уже кажется работают над реализацией пропозала. Все больше и больше людей играют в игры, их популярность растет, на этом можно классно интегрироваться.

Interesting to see that the most popular audience of these games are of age 25-34, most of these people have cryptos I guess.

I suppose that games’ target audience is a little bit younger

On which stage are you now?

Hope this is not the last games that TON integrates with, I wish that soon it could be integrated with more and more world wide popular games. Esport audience is huge.

We made all three main parts: server, in-game wallet and smart contracts. It remains to put it together and test

That’s great. I liked the idea of integrating games and ton

What is your expected number of customers? What is estimated cash flow on in-game wallet and smart contracts?

I gotta add that stage 5 is up to circumstances, whether you will have enough people in the audience or not. Also a question, are there any other partnerships with other other blockchains?