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#4 Free TON Wiki Contest: Jury Selection [01-15.10.2020.]

Jury selection from community is cool initiation to achieve decentralization.


Hello everyone!
I am an active member of Free TON community. I’m researching various community materials to improve my knowledge in this field. I don’t have programming or software development skills, but I contribute to the community as much as I can.
Previously, I was interested in computer technology, was an active member and moderator in a forum on computer topics for about 10 years. I have 2 higher education in economics. I am the author of the article on economic subjects published in the journals of the Higher Attestation Commission on banking subjects.
Currently, I am an active member of the Free TON Wiki community. Nickname on - Michael. I am the author of 15 articles on the description about initial members of Free TON community, as well as articles about the history of the blockchain TON and smart contracts. Examples of my materials on

Not all materials published by me on Free TON Wiki are given. Some materials have been translated into English. My authorship of these articles can be confirmed with the initial members of Free TON Wiki (recently the material was transferred to the Mediawiki engine).
I signed a declaration of decentralization.
I would be happy to apply my knowledge and experience to Free TON Wiki jury.

Telegram: @Pisha_1986
Free TON forum: Michael
Free TON Wiki: Michael


Welcome aboard. We’ll be glad to see you on the Wiki Jury!

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Hello, Freeton community!
My name is Alexander, I’m 31 years old. I am a specialist in the field of the cryptocurrency market and blockchain industry. I also have extensive experience in managing and promoting large financial operations under the guise of affiliate and referral programs. I’m into weight training and really enjoy psychology. I work and develop online, like to spend time with my friends, go hiking in the mountains. I believe in freedom of speech, I’m sure that decentralization and cryptocurrency will free the world!!!
Since 2017, on the cryptocurrency market, I have held various events for all crypto areas from wallet creation to verification of know your customer on all the top exchanges. I also studied technologies at the best 20 coinmarketcap cryptocurrencies, studied and led several projects for automated robot trading robot for cryptocurrency and currency markets, I dealt with the registration of kyc in the best brokerage companies, cryptocurrency and currency exchange, and have experience in teamwork. Since 2018, beginning with Durov’s first mention about creating TON, I have been following every news, and I also participated in the Gram token testing and TON wallets from telegram. I’m sure that the code (the blockchain) as the fifth generation of the crypto world written by Nikolai and Pavel Durov will be a leading blockchain on the planet, we all know what products the Durovs make!
After the official refusal to launch TON by telegram messenger, the preparation and launch of the TON blockchain by the world community began, thus creating the largest and most decentralized Freeton blockchain. I have been working on the project from the very start in two directions: Freeton wiki and Freeton Ambassadors! In the Freeton Wiki section, I actively contribute to the development of the Wiki by translating articles for the common knowledge base and creating various articles. In the Freeton Ambassadors section, I am planning to promote, train, and create a team to popularise Freeton, promoting the idea of decentralization around the world! I am also an admin assistant in the Ton surf testing chats!
I am interested in the new level of worldwide development, certainly, this is the most decentralized project. I am eager to become a member of the jury and participate in the development of future Freeton. I am a very responsible person, extremely punctual, kind, firm, but fair, and I believe in the power of truth!
I want to do my best for the project and use it as the main source of work for the development of the community!
I am ready to provide additional information. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the creation of Freeton. I am looking forward to the results. All the best and good luck!

Telegram: @alicadmin
login on the
Freeton forum: omic
Free TON Wiki: omic


Hello, dear community!

My name is Nikolai.

I am an active member of the Free TON community and particularly the Free TON Wiki community too.

Of course, I signed up for the Declaration of Decentralization.

My contribution to Free TON Wiki is described in the first and second Wiki renewal contests submissions.

I believe that Free TON has excellent prospects. And I want to add my contribution as a Free TON Wiki juror.

Telegram: @tg2020ukraine


Hello there,

My name is Anton and I’d like to join Free TON Wiki Team. I had experience of building crypto-related Wiki encyclopedia from scratch. We made about 800 articles and finished few contests during last year @bitjudge and @epidemia was a part of our team, I’m sure they can confirm this.

As full-stack dev with experience in blockchain development I can be helpful with judging technical-related content.

Telegram: @achekhon


Hello! Very good! We need You!!!

Welcome to the Free TON!

Please, don’t forget to upload your submission to the web site:

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Yes, I can confirm this. Welcome to the jury!


Hello everyone, I am Alessandro,
the long story short, I started programming cobol at sixteen and now, at 54, I care nature.

I am already in the wiki team because I believe that Free TON Community and his blockchain can help a lot in this ecological way of life.

Telegram: @mar_ton
Wiki: Marton


Hello everyone, my name is Maxim. I am 32 years old, I work as the main network administrator. I have been in the project since the start. Participating in testing Surf, moderator FreeTON wiki.
Personal qualities: independent (the ability to make decisions); resistant to stress; communicable; honest; reliable; result-oriented; punctual; I am especially attentive to my work.
I will be glad to help the community.

Telegram - @maxonsky2015​ - maxonsky

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Hello! My name is Nikolay Kotukh.

Username in Telegram: @Zhytie_Moe

Free TON forum account: Kolman

Free TON Wiki account: Kolman


I have degrees in economics and jurisprudence.

I have done various professional courses and trainings: financial trading; psychology of sales; “Action” style sales technology; economic cybernetics, etc.

My previous and current primary occupation:

  1. held the position of a regional business development manager;

  2. a regional head of a financial company;

  3. since 2017 – the provision of private legal and financial services.

Hobbies: active sports, tourism, information technology, stock trading.

I have been in the Free TON community since the launch of the network. I was among the first to publish my article about Free TON on the Ukrainian telecommunications portal (there is a signature at the end of the article):

I have been actively testing the application TON Surf by giving feedback in the corresponding Telegram group (“Secret TON Surf Testing”). I am also a member of the forum and many official Telegram groups and Free TON channels. There is a topic in Contest Proposals.

I am fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, which can be used in practice in edits or when creating new articles.

I fully understand the goal and mission of the jury and also totally share the very idea of Free TON. Therefore, I am ready to devote my time and efforts to studying, analyzing, interpreting, voting and providing qualified feedback on entries.

As an example of my commitment, attentiveness, perseverance and fairness, the links to some of my comments on contests are attached:


Hi everyone.

I’m Eugene from Latvia and I’m 42 years old. I am a translator on the Free TON Wiki. The project is quite recent, but a lot of work has already been done. I would like to continue to be useful and be useful as well in the Free TON Wiki jury. I signed a declaration of decentralization. I will do my best to bring as many people as possible to Free Ton.


Telegram: @JevgenijLimonov


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My name is Konstantin.

I have been watching and participating in blockchains since the time when bitcoin cost 6k ₽. In the community, almost from the very beginning, the declaration was signed a few days after the launch.

Participated in two (one of the first) competitions.

I was very imbued with the idea, spirit, and scale of the project. I would like to be part of such a community, and contribute to the formation and development. Not a programmer, not a developer.

I have the necessary amount of time to perform the duties of the jury.

Telegram: konst360


Hello, I have some appointment to some juror. Some of them rejected my submission while it was valid, asserting:

  • Invalid submission, it seems the contests were confused

  • Applications for contests have been mixed. Lack of attention to procedure and details.

  • I didn’t see any huge activity in chats.

It was two identical submission on two different contest, but both was valid submission. I think that a judge cannot reject a submission if is valid. If the candidate do not like, they have a 10 points scale to value.
Any feedback is welcome


I wrote to you on the forum about errors in applications. There was no answer. You can view all my messages. Likewise, you have not submitted YOUR OWN Wiki reward application (?!). The only one of all. How can you evaluate other people’s work if you still haven’t learned how to submit even your own applications?

Did you know that you didn’t apply for the Wiki Renewal Contest? We know it. Because we check all the submissions.


Yes, I do a mistake with my reward application, and with the submit of submission too. I take the responsability, but, actually it happens because of my very bad connection. Anyway submission was both valid and not to be rejected, at last may be low scored. Jurors have to be more punctual, is my opinion

I think that there is no one here who should look for mistakes, check everything and remind them. But still, we do it. Just because we care. But we might not have to do it. Since it is a big job to keep track of all the participants. It turns out that we just serve the community. But the community is just by itself. It is not right. We are doing a common cause.


ok, my fault…I care the wiki, I will be glad to be in the next Jury selection contest.

We may have been wrong to reject your submission. Maybe.
However, the number of mistakes was high, and I think that you would not have gained a passing score to become a judge.

I hope that by the time the next jury contest is launched, you will be well aware of how submissions are submitted and not make mistakes. Then we will be glad to see you on the jury.

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Ok. Thank you for the attention. Let’s go ahead…