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ABI Campus Hackathon Proposal Main Document

This type of proposal actually encapsulate the need for a general African group. Great proposal for FreeTON African community. Totally in support.
Well done @Kanyiri


In Africa, the topic of cryptocurrencies is very relevant now.


Great idea, I’m in total support of this idea. racial equity is important as many Africans are left behind in crypto industry


Over 70% in africa are into cryptocurrency but there was a problem encountered with many of them from the 70% there 30/70% are scam only 40% are luckily to be legits users.

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Great idea, I support this motion, after all a great percentage of Africans are now involved cryptocurrency

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Highly encourage this proposal. More African developers should be able to participate to make freeTon not only a truly decentralized platform but it also creates opportunity for the blockchain to be advertised to a massive continent.

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Great to see this coming from the African community. A partnership with the Africa Blockchain Institute sounds like a vey right starting point to drive adoption of Free TON. Also engaging develops is a very right priority.

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This is an awesome proposal and as an ardent lover of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Africa. I give my positive verdict on this great proposal to be approved by the appropriate TON staff. Thank you for this great opportunity to expose in Africans

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Definitely, there is need for Free TON Africa community. I’m one and I want to rub mind with core developers and expand knowledge with others like me.
I believe the existence of African Hackathon will be beneficial to this community.

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Looking forward to this project. I will like to recommend it to one of my protegee.


I like this project as we need more development and learning in the field of blockchain because it is considered new for many. Such projects help to spread the technical culture significantly.

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Awesome project. I look forward to putting the tools to the works when time comes

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This is great and I strongly support this project, Africans has found interest in crypto and the rate of African in crypto keeps increasing.

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Yeah why not, hackhatons are always good way to get innovative people interested and your presentation is clear enough.

But i have few questions: How large organisation is Africa Blockchain Institute exactly? I mean you have 20 places for compos. That seems weirdly high nr for a local gathering. Even in my country which has lots of tech savvy people overall, blockchain hackathons are a pretty niche field.

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Thanks for your observation and contribution. To answer you please note the hackathon is in conjunction with the various universities specific departments. Subsequently, we are gathering online and lastly we have a country, regional and finally continental contests that will definitely give us the top twenty.
FreeTON on the other hand as much as we need the top developers join us. We shall also get exposure and new membership from the general public too.


Free TON & ABI 2021 Off-Chain Hackathons Partnership


The African Blockchain Institute (ABI) hosts annual hackathons. Next year they would like to launch one for Free TON.

Thanks to some intense work by @JKanyiri (Telegram ID) and several other Free TON Africa community members, they worked hard to organize a collaboration with ABI to launch a cyclical campus blockchain hackathon for Free TON throughout the course of 2021. Each cycle is comprised of 3 consecutive hackathons.

  1. A hackathon by African country, followed by:
  2. A regional (East, West, North, South Africa) hackathon comprised of winners from the country hackathon, and then:
  3. A continental hackathon in Rwanda comprised of regional hackathon winners.

Each 3-part hackathon cycle will be run 2 times from February through September, 2021.

The goal is to educate the young people of Africa about the Free TON blockchain and add talented developers to the Free TON ecosystem.

This project will create a structured and sustainable community that nurtures and empowers awesome developers by providing and democratizing access to knowledge, capital and mentorship.

At the current time Africa is one of, if not the most ideal place to implement Free TON’s opportunities. The hurdle is to introduce its many advantages in a way that identifies the right talent. ABI is dedicated to this very thing.

Token request summary

Stage How many tokens When For what KPI description
1 12K TONs Up front Administrative prep + topic submission review by ABI + ABI fee KPI 1: Report of completion + receipt from ABI by end of December, 2020
2 18K TONs KPI 1 met. January 4, 2021 Admin costs to cover preparation: website, promotion, call for applications. Off-chain jury selection in Africa + 8K fee to ABI to organize & host Hackathon By Country KPI 2: Event confirmed organized. All details provided by January 29, 2021
3 73K TONs KPI 2 met. Feb. 1, 2021 Run 3 hackathons: Hackathon By Country , then Hackathon by Region , and the Continental Hackathon in Rwanda. Rewards to winners + off-chain jury members + ABI onsite admin fees KPI 3: All 3 hackathons in the first cycle executed. Winners selected.Award ceremony. Rewards paid out. All details provided to Free TON on/before April 12, 2021
4 27K TONS KPI 3 met. April 12, 2021 Prep as before for 2nd hackathon cycle (same as the previous described above) KPI 4: Ready with all details by April 30, 2021
5 80.5K TONs KPI 4 met. May 3, 2021 The 2nd 3-part hackathons (by country, by region, by continent) are held from May to end of August, 2021 All hackathons completed. All winners selected All Award ceremonies held. All rewards to winners and off-chain jurors paid out. All details provided to Free TON on/before September 1, 2021

Total cap: 210,500 TONs

Up front: 12K TONs

All else against KPIs 1 - 4


  1. Cycle 1: Hackathon entry period

      . November - January, 2021: Call for Applications
      . January, 2021 weeks 2 - 3: Topic provided by Free TON community
      . January, 2021 week 4: Review of topics

2.Cycle 1, hackathon 1: by country - February, 2021

Africa is comprised of 54 countries. The 1st of 3 hackathons in a cycle is for all countries to

    .Week 1: Hackathon

    .Week 2: Review

    .Week 3: Winners announced

    .Week 4: Grouped into regional hackathons (East, West, North, South Africa)

3.Cycle 1, hackathon 2: by region - March, 2021

    .Week 1: Hackathon

    .Week 2: Review

    .Week 3: Winners announced

    .Week 4: Winners prepare to travel to Rwanda to participate in the continental hackathon

4.Cycle 1, hackathon 3: continental - April, 2021

    .April 1 - 6: Contestants arrive

    .April 7: Final continental hackathon event

    .April 8: Award ceremony

5.Cycle 2 begins. April 12, 2021 - Hackathon entry period for next 3 hackathons (same concept)


  1. The hackathons are a cyclical set of programs intended to deepen engagement with Free TON, starting with a general call for applications (virtual)

          .Appointment of judges by Free TON and ABI. ABI takes the lead on this. Free TON participates as and advisor (virtual) **.**
          .Free TON is branded everywhere (logo, message, media, digital and physical marketing materials).
  2. Administrative functions

          .Creating a dedicated website.
          .Authenticating students/participants, satisfaction of requirements (see “Vetting process” and “Requirements” below).
          .Students submit topic ideas.
          .Topic review.
          .Sorting applications and grouping them according to African country (diaspora applications are welcome, provided that they have origins from one of the African countries). Done virtually.
  3. Hackathons

          .Student participants are grouped according to their countries, with the best topics isolated, and the hackathon begins. This is virtual. Winners emerge.
          .Winners from the country hackathon are then pooled according to their region (East, West, North. South Africa) and compete regionally. This is also done virtually. Regional winners emerge.
          .Finally, regional winners compete in a 1-day continental hackathon in Rwanda. This is an off-chain, physical event hosted by the African Leadership University in Rwanda. Final winners emerge.

Hackathon topic requirements (contest)

The Free TON community with consultation from ABI will run a topic contest for African students to isolate the best possible topic ideas for the hackathon, and this contest will be judged by the Free TON global governance jury. This contest will provide regards for winners whose topics are chosen for the hackathon separately from this proposal. Free TON will decide reward amounts when the contest is drafted. It is suggested to focus on the following key areas:

  • Fintech infrastructure/Digital Wallets (to help those who do not have access to banking).
  • Human rights protections
  • Land ownership and registry
  • National voting platforms
  • High tech job creation
  • Other topics that best serve the needs of Africa.

Vetting process

The organizers are looking for ambitious students that are forward thinking, innovative, and ready to take on challenges by creating the next “big thing”. These students must be dedicated, committed to the project, hardworking, and with strong backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, statistics, business/entrepreneurship, economics, cryptography or blockchain, and/or any other related field.

  1. Applications will be submitted on the website
  2. Each application will be screened according to criteria and requirements. Students must provide a student ID card.
  3. In exceptional cases, the organizers will schedule an interview with applicants.
  4. A Google form with an endorsement of each contestant from their respective institution’s administration must be filled out by each applicant for verification of the above.
  5. Once the registration period is over, those that make it through the screening process will proceed to the hackathon.
  6. Once registered, all participants will sign up to Telegram and join a Free TON - ABI dedicated Telegram group that Free TON will provide.


Applicants will be vetted by ABI and the results will be shared with Free TON through the Free TON - ABI dedicated Telegram group.

  • ABI will categorize submissions according to African country.
  • Basic understanding of blockchain technology a must.
  • Knowledge of programming languages, i.e., ability to write code in one or all of these languages is mandatory: Solidity, C++, or C. Special preference will be given to those who can code in Solidity, C++, or C, since these are the languages used on Free TON.
  • Each submission must have a GitHub repository that can be reviewed by the Free TON community.
  • A 5 minute demonstration/presentation must be provided to judges on the product being built.
  • The highest score in the regionals will proceed to the finals.
  • Repeat all steps described under the “Vetting process” above.
  • Winners with the highest scores will proceed for regionals.
  • If scores are tied, the Free TON community members will vote to determine winners through a “Tiebreaker Contest” that Free TON and ABI will draft together.
  • The fundamental aspects of the winning application should include:
  • Originality and no templates.

  • Well thought out concept and relevance.

  • Winners should provide a brief description of the source of their inspiration.

  • The evaluation committee will come from both ABI and Free TON community members.


1st prize 25,000 TONS

2nd prize 15,000 TONS

3rd prize 5,000 TONS

4th to 20th place 1,000 TONS

None of the participants will be US citizens or US entities

Reference wallet:


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In reference to the FREETON/ABI Campus Hackathon.

The date 21/12/2020, applications have been sent out and participants did commence submissions on the same day. Last submission shall be accepted on 22/01/2021.

The completion of KPI-1 / Report

  1. The application form has been published.

  2. The website has been completed.

  3. Press statements have been released to 2 Top rated African related media.

  1. The hackathon calendar has been released to all media.

5.ABI Receipt

  1. ABI Progress Report

8 Jury selection Off-Chain Members.

Yong Tyc.
Charles Mwangi.
Yamson Obed.
Dennis Maigua.

We are in the process of collating the applications concurrently.


Fantastic! Great work you guys. I have no questions, but I will ask for A&S sub-gov to take a look as a matter of due process. I think it should be fine. Thank you!

Great job mans) :+1:



Continued request for budget support for Free Ton ABI hackathon Final ton request to cover the country ,regional and final hackathon. Jury and administrative overheads inclusive


  1. launch of the Campus Hackathon,

  2. The contestants have successfully completed 2 weeks and their submissions are under review

  3. Technical assistance provided by Free Ton engineers.


The following links relate to the above mentioned activities:


Opening Remarks

Keynote Remarks

GBA Remarks

Ministry of ICT – Rwandan Government Representative

Panel Session

Q&A Session

Vote of Thanks



SHORTLISTED CONTESTANT’S PDF: Untitled form (Responses) - Google Sheets


The country hackathon has been completed and the submissions are under review to move to the next phase


Regional Hackathon February – March, 2021

Finals 6th April, 2021

|3|73K TONs|KPI 2 met. Feb. 1, 2021|Run 3 hackathons: Hackathon By Country , then Hackathon by Region , and the Continental Hackathon in Rwanda

Rewards to winners + off-chain jury members + ABI onsite admin fees KPI 3: All 3 hackathons in the first cycle executed. Winners selected.Award ceremony. Rewards paid out. All details provided to Free TON on/before April 12, 2021

This ton request of 73,000 include rewards to ongoing jury duty and moderating teams currently at work within the Hackathon and later prizes for the final winners.

Free Ton Address:


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