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Hi @Roman_D,

since this section looks, to put it mildly, unfinished, let me ask a question - how does our system of partnership proposals work in general?

Are these proposals just rotting in the proposal dump or is there some work being done, albeit behind the scenes?

Several fairly large players have already made their proposals, but apart from numerous “oh what a great offer - I’m definitely in favor” nothing happens. Or is it happening? Can there be any discussions in secret or public chats between the key figures of FreeTON this about? Which would be strange. I believe that any proposal should be processed from A to Z here on the forum, where it was initiated.

How to start bringing these projects to life? Few examples below seem to me just being sent into nirvana…

I think, if no reaction comes from our side, they will stop to propose soon or late…

P.S.: Whether these are fake offers, hidden advertising or something like that, I can’t judge.

Don’t say I was the trigger for that :joy: