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AdGram + Free TON partnership proposal

Hi there, FreeTonians! AdGram is here! My name is Alexander, and I’m a Product Manager at
Our team has been around for a while and looks like we’ve got the first Partnership and Mutual Integration proposal. A sneak pic - AdGram is the first and the only one advertising platform which offers the performance marketing in Telegram.

Here is the offer:

Feel free to leave commentaries right in the doc, or here - whatever you are comfortable.

IMHO: inside the doc would be way more comfortable.

Thanks in advance!


the price of buying fake accounts in telegram is 20usd or less for 1000 accounts !!

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Very intersting proposal! I think that it should be discussed in Governance.


We will do on today’s telco, it’s on agenda.
Everyone is welcome to leave comments here!


And what do you want to tell us?

Telegram is the first messaging app with 100% open API , it means every action in telegram can be done by soft wares and fake accounts. we as FreeTON community should be so careful about telegram.
I don’t mean that you guys are not reliable, I just mean that it is the current situations in telegram.
In telegram, because of easiness to create fake accounts and control them programmatically, some ads like cost per action (CPA) and cost per view is not good selection at all. we should be careful so much about other kind of ads in telegram also.

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Same here) What was this comment about?)

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You are pointing at unsolvable problem, it is true.
We did hundreds of advertising campaigns + we have our proprietary anti-fraud software and approach, we are able to detect fraudsters and they wont get not a penny for their actions)


I guess the point was that it is unclear what “a user” means in your proposal and how you can guarantee that “users” are not bots.


Oh, I got the point.
I agree that there should be some kind of an antibot mechanism and the install as the single KPI wont do any good. But since that user has to write down 24 word passphrase to create a wallet after the install and then retype random numbered word from this list - this is a not bad thing by design.

Best and pretty fair KPI combo looks like: app install + wallet creation, but the next question is how to attribute installs to validate further actions? Smartlink or onelink works great in terms of that.

So, install + wallet creation seems to be a nice and fair KPI.


AdGram not bad. But we are ok to give away uNET Ads Platform for free.


24 words it is a feature of Telegram wallet. All other crypto apps including Surf use 12 words.

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install + wallet creation can be easily done automatically by bot

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Hi there, FreeTONians!
Here is the new AdGram offer, a bit more comprehensive one:

Looking forward to discuss, thanks in advance!


To all, I’ve created a new branch for a new modified proposal:


I Ain’t got no clue what are you talking about, looks like that you’ve missed a discussion branch.

Hope moderators would delete this irrelevant stuff