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Airdrop Proposal: Early Birds Rewards

Not quite convince to based on telegram & KYC to do the airdrops. I think reputation would be the right direction to go using forum as reference.

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Так это же контест суппорт получается)

Only free ton form is enough to airdrop early birds.


The rewards are too high, but I like the idea.

It could motivate people to join, to sign the declaration and to participate.

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I recommend that the author of this contest take into account the comments from the Free TON community members and rethink this contest.

Or maybe just wait while somebody else will run the airdrop :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


As I understand it, the problem is in the amount of the award (1000 per person)?
well, give 10 TON and everyone will shout, what a wonderful and generous project)) :kiss: :grin:
in my opinion, we have already passed this …

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Need to update this idea. It’s not bad, but you should take into account that you’ve got so many comments (over 40) and they might help to boost you proposal to vote.


I also like that idea to benefit first FreeToN supporters. But 1000 crystals for each may be too much. I think it should be 400-500 crystals MAX in one hands.


it looks like someone has filled bags and is worried :arrow_heading_down: :laughing:


In fact people already sitting on crystals must welcome airdrop. Only global use will revalue crystals.
Without airdrop the aim of signing the DoD is not really clear. Without symbolic reward that is just a statement without any weight. Who is able to explain, why he / she has signed?


giving coins for free is not a good idea. IMO we should pay only for doing a task that add value to the Free TON.

Жаль что не успела :pensive:

الجوائز مرتفعة للغاية ، لكني أحب الفكرة.

May be the date be moved forth to August 15 2020

Мое мнение - токены должны даваться за активность. Если же они даются просто за наличие аккаунта, то сумма должна быть значительно меньше. Аккаунтов можно насоздавать заранее большое количество.
Если сделать слишком простое получение токенов, это привлечет ботоводов например для следующего airdrop, награждающего уже не самых первых участников, а “средних”.

My opinion is that tokens should be given for activity. If they are given simply for having an account, the amount should be significantly less. You can create a large number of accounts in advance.
If you make it too easy to get tokens, this will attract bot owners for example for the next airdrop, which rewards not the very first participants, but “average”.

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The problem is - there are very limited types of activities required within the contest which can be measured afterwards. If you are not a developer, network admin, designer or manager - you usually do not have that specific skills and consequently no chance to get some crystals. This guys and girls have serious advantages over the rest of community. That seems to be fair but causes real problem in the future. Small circle of meritocrats will accumulate voting power in the early stage of the project and get unproportional dominance over other participants. So if you are a milkmaid, needlewoman or a cook you have no place under this sun. And this is a big number of people blocked in participating of FreeTON economy. We know, what meritocrats will do with crystals - hold them. Because they got it for work. But believe me, the market also needs people ready to sell crystals.

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I think we should pay for any job done that add value to the Free TON ecosystem and should not have any kind of free coins.

I support this motion

Hello @michaelshapkin
At what stage is this proposal?

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