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An offer of cooperation with RusBit

We are ready to meet the requirements of regulators in a particular country - document verification, maximum limits, photo-video verification, etc. These are just changes in the software in accordance with the legislation of the country where the cryptomat will be installed. There will be no universal ban like this! And as you wrote, the commission is only considering the possibility of regulation, and did not accept it! Accept - configure the program to meet the requirements! We are plastic in this sense!We are set to sell products to the countries of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, except the USA!

Мы готовы соответствовать требованиям регуляторов в той или иной стране - верификации по документу, максимальные лимиты, фото-видео-верификация и т.д. Это всего лишь изменения в программном обеспечении в соответствии с законодательством той страны, где будет установлен криптомат. Повсеместного запрета как такого не будет! И как Вы написали, комиссия только рассматривает возможность регулирования, а не приняла её! Примет - настроим программу, чтобы соответствовать требованиям! Мы в этом смысле пластичны! Мы настроены продавать продукцию на страны Европы, Азии, Ближнего Востока, Латинской Америки, кроме США!

Да, функция создания кошелька с подарочным TON будет реализовано в ПО! Комиссию собственника криптомата при покупке/продажи ограничим до 2%, так как мы в первую очередь заинтересованы в продвижении монеты!
Предположительно, на 2022 год планируется более 1000 ATM

Thank you so much for the interview!


Integration into crypto ATMs is a good idea. And the customer base will continue to grow.

The idea is very great, cryptocurrency ATMs have become very popular with the rising price of cryptocurrencies and their popularity, but unfortunately they are not so many.

The idea is very good! Thanks!
If there is such a simple opportunity to buy cryptocurrency.

Это очень интересная информация! Я считаю, что это монета в скором времени найдет “своих счастливчиков”, но нужно создать спрос на неё.

интересный проект лак поставлю

I think it will be very interesting, we are waiting for what will happen next)

I support your idea with crypto ATMs, hope you will expand your ATMs network all over in Russia (and maybe in other countries) , and many people will have opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies in easy way

I think that cryptocurrency ATMs are a great idea for Russia. Only in the capital there is a crypto exchange office.

Not a bad project, I think it will probably become the most popular crypto-theme project in the CIS. This project has a great future.

По мне так это лучшее предложение на рынке, буду и дальше следить за проектом.

For me this project is relevant and will be in great demand among people who work in this direction. It looks like a technically competent product. The project is interesting and deserves attention, the idea is very good, cryptocurrency ATMs have become very popular with the increase in the price of cryptocurrencies and their popularity.

I got acquainted with the results of your work on this description:

«By the end of 2019, many innovations were tested and additional functions in the work of cryptomates were tested, reviews and suggestions were collected to improve the service from customers, bugs and shortcomings in the work of the platform were fixed. Thanks to the 3-year-old “living” testing, our company will give you a new product in early 2020 - the multicurrency platform “Rusbit”. This platform will differ from the previous addition: 1) new curry exchange pairs; 2) work opportunities in two parties-purchase / sale (with cash-out cash issuance); 3) language selection features (cryptom interface); 4) the possibility of choosing a local fate currency (for the owner of the cryptomatom) 5) A variety of useful and convenient functions (and for the owner of the cryptoterminal, and for the client that extended the cryptomatom). The cryptomat, which was one of the first translated into the new platform “Rusbit” is located in Rostov, in the shopping center “Big” (St. Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 105). We invite everyone who is interested in this business area, to test our new software “RUSBIT”. You are waiting for a high level of platform security along with high system performance, simplicity and convenience of the interface for all users of the “RUSBIT” platform. Official release of the new platform “RUSBIT” - January-February 2020»

Yes, the results are obvious and there are many prospects for favorable multicurrency exchange, moreover, with changes in your legislation, people open doors to the world of new crypto opportunities and fiat currencies. Ton Crystall will be very popular thanks to your projects!

An interesting project I want to follow what will happen next . For 2021, this is a very tempting offer with the purchase of cryptocurrency from you . The production of crypto-ATMs and software are very useful things in modern times that will definitely be in demand in the near future . Good luck to the project in its development .