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Analytics & Support Jury Selection

Hi all! I want to be on the jury!
My telegram: @Nsae1402

Just added my submission.
My tg: @chenteral

Hi everyone! My name is Andrew. I have been with you since May 2020 and actively participate in the life of the FreeTON community. I would like to join the jury team of this most important sub-government.

Telegram ID: @Anderkos

Hello dear community and jury members!
My name is Denis.
In addition to my main job, I have been a crypto enthusiast since 2016. I followed the TON project from its first announcement. In early May, I learned that a team of independent validators decided to continue Pavel Durov’s project, on the very first day I supported the Declaration of Decentralization. Since then, I have been constantly following the development of the project, taking part in competitions.
Having a technical education, I am well versed in the principles and algorithms of blockchain operation.
I hope to be useful in the work of the jury for the Analytics & Support.
I attach a general summary in the application on the portal. If necessary, I am ready to answer questions on the specified contacts.

Telegram: @zerg013

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TG: @danoneo

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Hello everybody! My name is Zoya. I want to join the jury team. I have experience in this area.

My Telegram: @Manyap

glad to submitted my form for A&S SubGov jury contest.
TG: @FastSha

Hi All!

Hello. Applied. I would be glad to be of service. I have been doing business analytics for over 6 years, investment analytics for over 3 years. I understand well the various approaches to evaluating startups taking into account cryptoeconomics and network effects. Experience in processing data of varying degrees of complexity, from raw data to complex parameters. Ping me on telegram(@dsearcher) if you have any questions.


Just added my submission.
My tg: @azaticus

TG: @Maxonsky2015

Hi everyone! I have submitted an application to participate in the jury too
My telegram: @WillyMad

Here is my application
tg: @aestlist

Hi all.
Submitted my application

I’m applying for membership in Jury

Submitted my application
Telegram: @grnts

Dear Jury,

Please disregard my submission under the #5 (it contains wrong PDF document) and rate #6 instead.

I attach my application hereby for your reference -

Thanks for your understanding!

I have a error while uploaded my submission and page was reloaded. So I repeat my uploading and after this I have 2 subs - 33 and 35.

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Kindly publish new jury members.

You can view the results in this Google form