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Analytics & Support Sub-governance Proposal

Analytics & Support Sub-governance

Every day in the Free TON community there is a growing need for analytics and support for the community’s problems: collect statistics, partnership proposals analysis, translations of non-English sub-governance contests and contest submissions, and other similar functions.

Due to the large-scale development of the network, the need for such tasks will only grow and cause a load. The purpose of this Sub Governance is to solve such problems.


  • Payment distribution support for global governance
  • Partnerships analytics
    • Proposal analysis of disclosed metrics by partners.
    • 3rd party service provider contests for KYB (“know your business”)
  • Analysis of conflicts and incidents in the community
  • Efficiency analysis of all sub-governances
  • Contests statistics
    • Payout statistics
    • Participation statistics
    • Contest community reports
  • Translations of non-English sub-governance contests and contest submissions
  • Moderation of groups and user support

Partitioned groups:

The above tasks can be divided by working sub-groups within the sub-governance.

For example:

  • Payments - Free TON
  • Contest stats & results
  • Translations
  • Partner analytics

Proposal specification

As part of the creation of this Sub-governance, we propose to create the following:

  1. Initial members are initial jurors until a jury selection contest takes place.

  2. Initial members of this sub-governance will launch a jury selection contest.

  3. Discussion of various cases that do not fall within the scope should be discussed in this sub-governance.

  4. All suggestions and ideas made within this sub-governance will be submitted to the forum.

Initial Members

Sub Governance Initial Members (with public keys):

  1. Roman D (Telegram) – 6f10bb0c31958196a87e35a7d8320355e6ae161da57d9a77abbfa1e12d4131be

  2. Ron Millow (Telegram) – 4c9b659bfa4d1bdc6f2e60e84a326094b35c64a7e1e6aa95055a2b9c51f9c162

  3. Grigoriy (Telegram) – fd9333c65b8ac909f74a9f905bd8e95c4019c62bb9cfdbc65f50e3ac081d2577

  4. Vladislav Ponomarev (Telegram) - 8d1b562cc0aa6abd13c751740d80b9762622fb846c25df8bc75fa57c8fc33dfc

  5. Platon (Telegram) – 162a35e412febde9346861cc7ff458278f1fc24eda281f10c1c128ffdf127384

  6. Senya Dumbadze (Telegram) – 7ee520d94a4df7cda9d8e4a8354c0787decd1bd7837f1bb4412959881e2e312f

  7. Polina Vishnevskaya (Telegram) – 91cde0c68da5883a5fdf7bf63f72e53235f4f0fd865634554f9d46a8e765a08c

  8. Pavel Prigolovko (Telegram) – dd5994f3825c3a0c6c0d2b4ceca2a48bc71c52bd29b181d9eed71696fc4220dc

  9. Fedor Skuratov (Telegram) –

  10. Ivan Kotelnikov (Telegram) – b37e94b3177921824eeebb978bc2916f80a2fb19982e1b673171b5fe41dc0c9c**

Expense estimate

To achieve the stated goals, the following budget is required for a period of 3 months:

# Activity Expense estimate
1 Translations 100,000
2 Partnerships analytics 50,000
3 Contest statistics and reports 40,000
4 Sub-governances liaisons. Sub-governance efficiency analytics. 35,000
6 Workflow 50,000
Total 275,000

*Any excess funds that remain as a result of non-implementation will be carried over to the next period until fully spent.


Anyone can participate in any Analytics & Support Sub-governance procedures, but Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or legal entities.

Sub-governance multisig wallet



This is a very necessary SubGovernance, especially when community is growing rapidly. I FULLY support it. :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


I had been going to raise an issue how to control Partnership programs, but this proposal covered much more needs. Just in time!


Very good Sub Governance! Support it!

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Translation validation is a huge task! Glad it is part of the sub-governance. :+1:

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Поддерживаю все что делают Роман и Рон. Им можно доверять.

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Very nice, free governance in action. Straight forward, Big up, :+1:

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Analytics & Support Sub-governance. Updated!


I like this proposal. I think that now there is not enough analytics related to contests and partners. This proposal can add transparency to Free TON distibuton…


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Support this proposal) let’s make a FreeTON better


Can assume some tasks related with data analytics and statistic. Let me know what should to do…

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Do you really need $ 275,000 for three months? What are we now, cooperating with PwC or Goldman Sachs.

Think the committees are compensated with 275k crystals not USD 275k.

But again, I might be wrong.

There are a lot of anylitics, reports + translations. See table. There are quite a lot work

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It is a good idea. But each subgovernance in its direction can always provide analytical data. Why create a separate subgovernance with such a budget?
It turns out that for this control to work, it is required from each subgovernance to provide the necessary data. Work for the sake of work, complication of the process

I will allow myseld to disagree with you. To perform high-quality analytics you need to have a lot of resources and people with certain skillsets. If each subgovernance will do its own statistics reports based on its own vision and preferences it will very likely slide into complete chaos.

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