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CEX.IO: Free TON Partnership Proposal

Loving it!! :star_struck: 2nd Stage Token Request Against Reported KPI has been accepted :point_right: Free TON Community

when ton withdrawal will be able?

Hi! Have you passed KYC?

ofc, as i know TON crystal withdrawals are frozen yep?

The CEX IO trading exchange has launched a TON Crystal Airdrop for everyone.
I checked how it works, and met all the necessary requirements. The procedure took 40 minutes and my account immediately added 30 :gem: TON Crystal. The guys did their best, made everything very convenient and clear. Well done.


How do I unstake funds? And where should I get the memo to withdraw funds to external?

Do you want to output TON Crystal to an external address ?
Via the desktop version. Enter the memo phrase if necessary.

:love_you_gesture: Guys, just wanted to make sure you’ve seen this: we’ve launched the Learn & Earn Free TON Edition.

And right now, in the spirit of “by the community for the community” we are calling the number one fans, the hardcore supporters of Free TON to submit their quiz questions (for reward ;)) !

Details here:

:uk: English:
:ru: Russian:


Guys - we’ve collected a bunch of questions from the community for Learn and Earn Free TON (LEFT for short!). And now, we are at validation stage.

Here are the question validation rules:
:uk: English:
:ru: Russian::

Read’em before you go validate questions! ANNND, at the very end of each post - there are 2 Validation packs to validate for a reward :gem:.

Free TON gurus, looking at you - be sure only good quality questions get through!

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Aaand validations for Pack 1 and Pack 2 are closed now. We will be determining the validators and question creators who will get rewards.

(also will decide whether to reopen question submission forms again. Be on the lookout!)

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