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Chinaplay Partnership Proposal

Hi, everyone.
We planned an AMA session but got into trouble with a real-time English-Chinese interpreter.
However, we decide to make a short video presentation to present the core team in person and answer the main questions.

Here it is:

A request for 1.150.000 tokens for two months of partnership is space. Inefficient. Prove your usefulness to the Free TON project and change the request for the number of tokens.
I strongly disagree, I believe that Free TON should not participate in the development and motivation of Chinaplay customers without getting a return.


In China, few people will bother with cryptocurrency, there is a ban on its use.It’s a risk. The benefits will be minimal, and the course will be rolled away.

В Китае мало кто будет заморачиваться с криптовалютой, там запрет на ее использование.Это риск для них. Польза будет минимальна, а курс укатают.

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Ну вы поймёте что нету смысла таким проектам давать средства? Уже был пример с playkey он ничего нам не дал, ну какой смысл в интеграции и рекламе в проект где пока что для смертных ничего нету

Бесполезное партнерство. Наверное, от излишка денег раздают направо и налево.

Would you please kindly translate your comment to English? Thanks.

Would you please kindly translate your comment to English? Thanks.

This message is not for you, but if you want:

Well, you will understand that there is no point in giving funds to such projects? There was already an example with playkey, he did not give us anything, well, what’s the point in integration and advertising into a project where so far there is nothing for mortals

I see no point in this partnership.
Absolutely useless distribution of money.
Look at the price of the token, it is because of such huge distributions that are unjustified.
Now we must try another approach, more reasonable.

Another useless partnership. What will be the result of it? Dump free ton and nothing else

Chinese customers still have an interest in crypto tokens. Yes, the market is strongly regulated. However, its size compensates for the difficulties.

We have received feedback that the TON community is disappointed on the issue, that Chinaplay won’t accept payments in TON in the nearest future. I want to clarify, that our main concern is that we need high liquidity on the exchanges TONs to USDT or BTC, cause our daily revenue on Chinaplay could be more than 50K USD and we think that we won’t be able to convert TONs into USDT without a huge price drop. We have to pay game publishers in USD, so we need to convert at least 80% of the payments in TON into USD. The rest 20% is our margin that we can keep in TONs.

What we think we can do now, is to start accepting payments using APIs from Coineal but limit the transaction amount to 10 USD per transaction. Look at the progress and in case there will be a demand for payments and enough liquidity we will increase the limit

Thank you for this analysis!

Can the budget provided to partners be controlled or have any restrictions through the smart contract? For example, their users would have to create a TON wallet in order to get the TON allocated from the budget. Having simple architecture that is aligned for both parties would be beneficial. Also having partners re-invest some of the crystals from the budget. Perhaps some of these ideas were already discussed.

At the moment, tranche is received by the partner, controlled only by the partner.