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Click2Money Affiliate Network Partnership Proposal


Click2Money is a CPA-affiliate network with main focus on gambling/betting/finance.

NOTE: for those who don’t know what affiliate marketing is - read here

C2M in figures:

  • 700 active ad offers>
  • 2 500 webmasters & publishers
  • ~ 400 000 leads generated per month
  • 30 000 000 SMS sent via our SMS sending service

How does it work?

  1. The advertiser places an “offer” in our system - information about what actions will be paid. It can be orders, registrations/sign-ups, application submissions, etc.

  2. Network partners (more than 2500 active webmasters) place advertisements on their resources and bring visitors to the advertiser side.

  3. Site visitors perform valuable actions that the advertiser set to pay for. Partners are rewarded for each confirmed valuable action, Click2Money takes a commission fee.

    That’s simple.


Major challenge of the current CPA/affiliate market is payment processing cost. Due to the nature of the business itself - it is necessary to maintain cash reserves to avoid cash gaps.

Next thing is the accounting and payment control of thousands of webmasters, who wait for their traffic to get paid. Webmasters are scattered around the globe and have their own preferable payment options, so they bear payment processing costs too. Besides, bank payments take time to be authorized and it can be a real pain if the business gets big.

So, the market requires fast, cheap, reliable and universal payment tools for all market participants. In our vision - TON Crystal has it all to mitigate, and that’s why we are here.

Why is it useful for Free TON?

- Real world and real business use case and utility

Webmasters and advertisers will be able to use TON Crystal as a payment tool. Both sides will benefit from implementation by decreasing the payment processing costs. More of that, market participants are scattered around the world, so cross-border payments occur often.
Another utility can be added by offering a discount for our internal services purchases (like SMS sender) made with TON Crystal.

-Token market turnover boost

Affiliate marketing as a business heavily relies on deferred payments (up to 60 days). In order to facilitate and handle webmasters’ payouts, networks need to accumulate fund reserves in a certain period. Switching to a TON Crystal as a payment tool would create forecastable buying pressure which accelerates token turnover speed and is very important for tokenomics.

-Access to the digital marketing professionals

Webmasters are those who generate and own web traffic. This traffic can be pointed at the Free TON related products like Surf, or any partner can create the advertising offer with our help.
More of that - it will be a great webmaster attention control tool by creating special offers nominated in TON with extra rewards.


Internal token replacement with TON

We will replace our internal token “Francoin” with TON Crystal. Francoin cannot be purchased - it can be obtained only from effective advertising of special offers. The more useful actions the webmaster supplies - the more he gets rewarded. Earned tokens can be spent in our internal store.

Withdrawal option for webmasters + internal services

Additional withdrawal method will be added to a personal account interface.

Special offers nominated in TON (+ extra rewards)

A set of affiliate offers nominated in TON will be added. Some of them will be extra rewarded for a certain type of traffic or a type of conversion.

For example, a webmaster will be rewarded with 4 TON Crystals per conversion, where conversion is a wallet install and on-chain wallet address creation. GEO:WW

Internal shop prices nominated in TON

We propose to replace our internal token to a TON Crystal and recalculate all prices.

Extra rewards for best performing webmasters

Whenever a webmaster who provided 100 or more conversions during the first withdrawal in TON Crystals (equivalent of 100 $ or more) will be rewarded with additional one-time bonus, for example, 20 TON Crystal.

The more is withdrawn, the more will be received. Withdrawn $ 10,000 within the last 3 months - receive an extra 1,000 TON Crystal as a bonus.

Referral system rewards in TON

Awards for referring other partners. Brought a webmaster, who poured 100 conversions in a month, and then withdrew TON Crystal earnings - the referrer gets another 10 TON Crystal

Surveys, polls, interviews rewards in TON Crystal

Survey Rewards. The more difficult the survey, the higher the reward.

Token request & KPI


Integration fee: 100 000 TON

Team resource needed

Resource Allocation Rate (USD/h)
Tech lead 0,5 65
Lead developer (senior) 1 35
Developer (middle) 2 25
QA engineer 1 15
TOTAL 132,5

Development estimation

Task Estimation (hours)
Tech requirements management 16
TON as payout method + withdraw method 40
Internal token replacement + store prices recalculation 80
Special offers in TON 80
Referral system implementation 24
Debugging and adjustment 80
Total 320


Tokens required: 100 000 TON

  • Special offers payouts: 75 000 TON

  • Rewards in TON for best performing webmasters: 25 000 TON


Extra rewards:

  • 2 000 TON per every 20 000 TONs paid out for special offers (10% cashback)
    Capped at: 2 000 000 TON

> TOTAL: 200 000 TON + KPI



Looks good to me. Thanks for proposal

If you can provide some additional stats which community can verify or check it would be appreciated.

PokerTON work with this guys. TOP service and results, i fully support.

Its case for real business, for webmasters - big checks, big transactions, ect.

Click2Money brief report: infographics

EN [13.07.2021]

RU [14.07.2021]

  • During the preparation of the analytical report, the applicant was verified. It is confirmed that the initiator of the partnership proposal is a representative of

  • Click2Money acts on behalf of 2 legal entities (Russian and Ukrainian jurisdictions)

• Click2money LLC* (April 5, 2019)
• Click2money Ukraine LLC (December 09, 2020)
• Blessic Holding LP ( not active | Irish jurisdiction)

  • Revenue* for 2019 = 140,6 million rubles. The net profit for 2019 is 21,3 million rubles.

  • Revenue* for 2020 = 143,15 mln rubles. Net profit for 2020 is 17,85 million rubles.

  • has a huge number of affiliated legal entities, which were reviewed in this analytical report. Several legal entities associated with Tikhonov Ivan (“CLICK2MONEY”
    LLC founder) are in the process of liquidation. Enforcement proceedings were also found.

  • The traffic on is high. Audience geography is mostly: Russia 94%+

  • The project team is public. There is a wide-ranging experience in CPA networks and
    the business sector.

  • Click2Money has large support in the media space but not in social networks. Traffic in the
    telegram channel has signs of cheating.

  • Information defaming the business reputation of Click2money LLC (rus/ ua) is not found
    in open sources. There are positive reviews about the company from both advertisers
    and webmasters. Long-term partnerships can benefit both Free TON and,
    although the token request (both in terms of integration and in terms of KPIs) seems

Analytical report Click2Money

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the «DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program» contest.

Present analytic report is completely based on the data available in the open sources. Due to ethical reasons, personal contact details are partially hidden. The report structures all the publically available information and flags potential interdependancies and inconsistencies. Present report should not be regarded as a verdict or proof of any kind. It is an initial open source intelligence: not all the information gathered or conclusions made can be regarded as 100% legit.

Express report:

Full Report:

You can find more analytical reports, transcriptions of AMA sessions, partner news on the first information & news website for FreeTON partners

Аналитический отчет Click2Money

Это аналитический отчет по потенциальному партнеру FreeTON, подготовленный в рамках конкурса «DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program».

Настоящий аналитический отчет полностью основан на данных, доступных в открытых источниках. По этическим причинам личные контактные данные частично скрыты. Отчет структурирует всю общедоступную информацию и отмечает потенциальные взаимозависимости и несоответствия. Настоящий отчет не следует рассматривать как доказательство какого-либо рода. Это из открытых источников. Не всю собранную информацию или сделанные выводы можно считать на 100% достоверными.

Экспресс отчет:

Полный отчет:

Также вы можете найти еще больше аналитических отчетов, транскрипций AMA-сессий, новостей партнеров на первом информационно-новостном сайте по партнерам FreeTON

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Interview with a project representative:

You can find more analytical reports, transcriptions of AMA sessions, partner news on the first information & news website for FreeTON partners

Интервью с представителем проекта:

Также вы можете найти еще больше аналитических отчетов, транскрипций AMA-сессий, новостей партнеров на первом информационно-новостном сайте по партнерам FreeTON

Комментарий выше Click2Money Affiliate Network Partnership Proposal - #6 by lvv дополнен полным отчетом по партнеру. Приятного ознакомления!

Hi! Could you please make your reports downloadable? For me personally it is much more convenient to get local pdf copy.

Hello! All Click2Money analytical reports (+documents) are downloadable now.

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wow interesting concept ig

The rating is our personal vision of the attractiveness of the partner offer, based on a number of indicators, such as the value/relevance of the partner offer for Free TON, the team (its publicity/anonymity), audience coverage, the presence/absence of a legal entity, the presence of partnerships with other companies, reputation, etc. All conclusions are subjective and cannot be taken as advice for action. The analytic team is not liable for any loss that you incur directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with advice, data, information, estimates, projections, or forward-looking statements provided in the report.