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Coin vs token, Tokenomics vs TONomics. a small talk about TON branding

I saw many TONians in live videos or groups use the word “token” about the TON Crystals or TONs unintentionally.
I know that most of the people knows the different between coin and token, and it is just a mistake that they use the word “token” instead of “coin”.
we should be careful about TON introduction. we are making the minds of people and it is part of FreeTON community branding.
as you know TON technology has many advantages compare to other blockchain technology and I believe it will make big changes.
TON has a potential to even make a new economic system, a mission that other decentral systems couldn’t do that.
TON DNS, TON WWW , TON VM , DeBots , TONsurf and so on, are just some of TON capabilities that can make a revolution in crypto world.

so the word “TONomics” means the mixture of TON services and capabilities and their ecosystems, can be used instead of using such phrases like “TON economics” or “Tokenomics”.


Couldn’t agree more! And I too am guilty of misusing the the terminology. Great point.

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That is why rebranding will make it more clear. The Internet is full of misleading information about TON ! of sorry FreeTON ! :frowning:

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Да чем быстрее пройдет треснет, запустят кошельки и на основании интересов создать группы,тем быстрей монета станет осязаемой.

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Yep nobody says bitcoin token :joy:

I’d prefer to say the brand new FreeTON project just as a NewTON. To make it’s clear that the newly TON project is NewTON coin insttead of free giveaway TON token.


Agree. I also find the name freeTON a little misleading. People might misinterpret it as a ‘free’ airdrop of TON. I suppose we should rebrand the freeTON project to some other name like DTON for decentralized TON or something like that

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This question was asked before. The Answer is simple. NO, TON is ton and we go with this.

Is it problem solved? Any status?

:sweat_smile: no not solved! you see it. still many TONians use the word token instead of coin!
guys please don’t do that.

This fight could be eternal)))