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Cointelegraph partnership proposal to Free TON

Лучше продайте 7 млн.кристаллов (или 10 млн$) и разместите рекламу и ценность TON на каждом ресурсе в интернете


That’s good news as cointelegraph is a fintech news site. And it has a lot of users who rely on it to bring important news because it covers the electronic economy and blockchain technology to provide you with the latest news and analysis for the future of money. It would be nice to have Free TON support on this site.

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Don’t waste the Treasury. Wait half a year and they will start writing about us for free and every day))
Profit +7 000 000 free ton :ok_hand:


Cointelegraph - a common commercial story. Any Scam-coin can place absolutely any of its articles on cointelegraph for $ and no one in cointelegraph will check its content and validity. For 1,000,000 TON during the year, I am ready to create and post any articles on cointelegraph myself. “About the partnership between TON and Google, Samsung, NASA, UNESCO, and the Central Bank of the world”


An excellent proposal, although the budget needs to be reduced to 2-3 million and start working after listing on several exchanges and the release of new developments. These investments will pay for themselves in a 3-4 months if they are made at the right time!

Cointelegraph-partly depends on projects like Free TON
For content, they need projects like this, (like air) one way or another, information about Free TON will end up in this media magazine.


the offer of cooperation is good, but the price is simply not realistic in the amount of 7 million for an online magazine, this is too much. If you just make articles for payment, this is acceptable.

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Good partnership proposal but as a community member I would see some numbers, could you please add KPIs to your proposal?
It would be nice also to see some examples for each option.

Cointelegraph is good but 7 million TONs is too much I think


:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: Cointelegraph будет продвигать FreeTon только на своем основном сайте или во всех своих СМИ?

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I think such partnerships we should discuss not on forum here. It should be discussed in Public AMA or in Telegram chanel with CoinTelegraph team. About all partnership details. and BTW - How we will know that man who created this topick is real member of a team ?

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2-3 million is also a lot. This is almost $ 2.5-4 million. Otherwise I completely agree


IMHO thats too much for advertisement without having even completed basic functionality and positioning.

Also it puts FreeTON among other shitcoins who are promoted only with paid channels and using buyed articles. This is a bad precedent and will lead to decreased motivation of other media.


Hi all! My name is Roman. I’m a community manager at Free TON. I’ve got many requests from community members to invite you to the AMA session (Ask me anything). @OmerDede can you?


Sure i also see this cointelegraph partnership proposal to be a great icon that will bring many benefits to the development of TON community as it needs to sail high for mass adoption in terms of massive advertisements and cointelegraph seems to be able to cutter this area.

Partnership with one of the largest media in the TOP 3 blockchain sphere will give an excellent impetus for development and promotion.

Any proposal partnership are welcome to improve this forum Free TON. But I think should any such proposal will comes with their support to answer all members doubt here. Will be better to talk about the proposal with their support, I see many members asking question, but at this moment still without answer! I hope the answers comes soon! will be attractive the discussion between members and partnership.

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This is amazing - it’s high time for FreeTON to take big steps :slight_smile: In my opinion, the project needs a large partner from the crypto industry. The price in tokens is not so high for a long-term partnership.

All members we believe that you are the best Cryptocurrency media, but since this will be the first freeTON campaign, then would be better to offer a lower cost and see what the results will be…

See this example:
Google can claim $2 per click from one company to advertise with them, one ad can get more than 100,000 clicks which is equivalent to $200,000 “for one year” but the company’s target to advertise on google is perhaps to get at least 5000 customers, but they can get only 50 customers while they have paid large amount! This is because, not everyone who sees and clicks an ad will be a customer or attracted to join the company!

We understand that Cointelegraph deals with Crypto, but there are many features within Crypto! So not every reader will be interested in freeTON, and that is why we sincerely beg you, reduce the price of this first campaign to see how the results will turn out. Then later you will discuss with freeTON managers to set the relevant price according to the results of this campaign.



I know that CT structure is not limited to just portal, but includes multiple other elements :slight_smile: I have an impression that partnership advantages description is quite modest :)…
It seems like not everyone realizes that it is not just paid adverts or articles. This is a year-long partnership with one of the leaders of blockchain media industry. I am sure that this partnership will result in the spread of FreeTON-related information globally. Also it will bring a lot of resources and competences on board.