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Cointelegraph partnership proposal to Free TON

Until the FreeTON community has a proper marketing and PR department available, there is a risk that it will not be an effective investment. And not because CT does not do its job properly, but because we have a bottleneck in the form of a lack of staff. Personnel who are ready and at the same time competent enough to write technical articles, deliver expertise and take part in AMA sessions must be declared in front of this partnership.

In these circumstances, I propose to combine the best practices from predictive and adaptive project management. Let’s combine the advantages of a classical roadmap with the flexible logic as we know it from agile software development.

The main idea is: we divide the entire partnership project into the so-called iterations. There are 26 iterations in total, two weeks each. The total amount is also splitted into 26 pieces, let say 250,000 TONs each to reward CT for each successfully closed iteration post factum. The whole budget (26 x 250,000 + rewards for 1 x project manager, 11 x auditors and 5 FreeTON experts, additional costs for token distribution to CT users e.g. in form of a game or quiz) is predefined and hold on the project account address for pick up.

To give you an idea, how it looks like:


  • Creation of a voting-ready / governance-friendly counter proposal for CT. Voting. Done by FreeTON community.

  • Initial preparations. Creating communication channels with CT.

  • Optional. FreeTON advertising banner published for 3 days free of charge as a sign of seriousness of CT’s intentions.

  • Iteration #1. Statement of partnership published in short article on CT platform (done by CT staff, rewarded immediately with 250,000 TON crystals as soon as more then 50% of FreeTON audit staff confirms #1 as successfully passed - the same principle in every further iteration).

  • Iteration #2. Intro. FreeTON introduction in short article on CT platform (done by CT staff).

  • Iteration #3. FreeTON white paper analytics, part 1. Article on CT platform (done by CT staff).

  • Iteration #4. FreeTON white paper analytics, part 2. Article on CT platform (done by CT staff).

  • Iteration #5. Getting started with FreeTON. Article on CT platform (done by FreeTON staff).

  • Iteration #6. Publishing of “Getting started with FreeTON” in all available languages at CT platform. Translations done by FreeTON staff).

  • Iteration #7. Interview with TON Labs representative published on CT platform.

  • Iteration #8. Interview with TON Surf development team representative published on CT platform.

  • Iteration #13. Midpoint iteration. At most 3 of 13 further iterations may be fully redesigned here in accordance with the current agenda.

  • Iteration #20. Token distribution game on CT platform sponsored by FreeTON (100.000 TON crystals to win for CT users).

  • Iteration #23. Message addressed to high ranked digital exchanges with appeal to list FreeTON on their platforms, if not already done.

  • Iteration #26. Final iteration. Conclusion. Good-luck-article published on CT platform.

I’m ready to develop this idea and to transform it to counter-proposal for CT, if community request for doing so is here and if Mr. Omer Dede (@OmerDede) is interested in a counter-proposal at all. Give a like to this post if we should proceed in that way.


Who will write content and develop graphics (design)
Who will pay for working with video, content, and design?

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There is no and should not be any PR department in Free TON. Free TON is an open decentralized ecosystem where community members having common views can join together and promote some activity / run contests. Such groups can be supported by community by handing TONs to them, but it doesn’t mean that only one group can do one type of activity. At the moment a Community Voice Subgovernance is under formation. If you wish please join it At the same from what Omer is wrote CT’s offer is not about advertising per se. The goal of Free TON is mass adoption of decentralized solutions, and Free TON needs a jump start in building awareness now.


So why don’t you join me? Or is it contrary to the decentralized nature of the community? :grinning:
If there are flaws in the proposed approach, then I will gladly accept criticism. Yes, and no one seemed to talk about advertising … except that an optional banner was mentioned. Please help me to interpret your comment in the proper way :slight_smile:

Thanks for inviting me :wink:

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For my taste this is good give-a-little, get-a-little and the edit is fair, all things considered. If I had to vote today I would support it. Thanks.


What would you suggest as KPI?

Following things seem logical - the number of readings of a particular article within a certain time window and the number of clicks on links leading from CT to FreeTON. Human hours spent. But it would be imprudent to use such values as an increase of the crystal’s exchange rates or the number of signatories of the DoD.

The first category is useless because of ease manipulation potential at partner side.
The second category is also useless, since not only one exclusive partner contributes to the growth of FreeTON.

The next problem: KPI is usually based on some reference. Are 100 article readings efficient enough? Or we may expect 10000 at least? That’s why I wouldn’t spend millions at once but go step by step discovering the reference point.

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Moved to accepted partnership proposals!


I sincerely wish us all the best of luck with this endeavour! :crossed_fingers:

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good. Hope this partnership will move FreeTon from the shadows for English speaking community and other world wide communitys. Coz we really having issues with that. Most part of current community - russian speaking :slight_smile:

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I don’t think that criticism was against what you offer. Seriously 7M coins is too much and criticism was against that. No one charges this much of anything. We could get a 30 sec superbowl ad with half of that price if you count that in dollars.

So once again, how much are these tokens worth to you guys?


Damn! I guess I didn’t see that at first. It’s actually too much. In as much as cointelegraph is cool, the pay musn’t be that high. 7 mil is just much.

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Damn! I guess I didn’t see that at first. It’s actually too much. In as much as cointelegraph is cool, the pay musn’t be that high. 7 mil is just much…

In as much as the 7 mil seems to be much, it not bad that this has been accepted. I just hope its result will come out positive. :v:

i have same opinion with you mate, but its decentralized and based on voting we must accept this decision. hopefully it will give significant positive impact to freeton itself

Clear waste of FreeTON fund :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, that is quarter takted story. They have approx 2 month left to provide first KPIs or similar.

First steps seem to be done…


I hope this works all out and will be a profitable partnership.

Cointelegraph’s both articles about Free TON were an insult to the community IMO.
They are trying not to use “Free TON” on their titles and they don’t even bother to design new illustrations for our articles.
Just same illustrations with a tiny logo or tiny name added around the corner.
This is what happens when you make a deal without going through details.
Who is supervising this partnership?
This humiliation needs to be stopped!


You may scroll up and find some ideas which were successfully ignored by community :grinning:
Actually I also miss some feedback from the supervisor of this partnership, if he exists.

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