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Cointelegraph partnership proposal to Free TON

Wake-up Free TON Community :pray:
Now no more fund to cointelegraph.

  1. We have already seen how many new members are here in Free TON Community due to their campaigns.

  2. They promised millions of new users to our community but nothing effective they have done so far.

  3. Cointelegraph had been already received 3.5 Million TON from Free TON Community but where is effective result because we doesn’t need articles or posts but we need real results regarding Free TON adoption rate.

  4. Now its time to save next 3.5 Million TON for the community because Free TON Community can do more better in 3.5 Million TON.

  5. More better idea is that we can help corona victims with this fund and can raise awareness about power of Free TON Community and their global influence and contribution.

  6. It wasn’t bad to try a partnership program regarding publishing articles for more adoption but now we all have seen reality and effective outcomes.

  7. Now it’ll be even better to promote Free TON project through paid articles but this partnership is more expensive for whole Free TON Community.

if the freeton community wants ton crystal and its entire ecosystem to be embraced by a large public, publicity is a must. I am seeing comments that say that freeton does not need advertising, but in my opinion yes, and a lot, in the blockchain world there is a lot of competition and a project that is not known to people is a project in which application developers will not want to build , prefer to build on a platform with more users and better known even though it has worse technology, than on a platform with better technology but with few users, spending on advertising is necessary at least at the beginning, once freeton is among the first blockchains already You will not need to spend money on advertising or at least not as much as at the beginning, this may be the case of Cardano, they do not need advertising and the media do it to them every day at no cost, because being such a blockchain popular media get views for their posts talking about cardano. this is not the case with freeton, and why this occurs because freeton is not known. If you think about it, freeton may be the blockchain with the highest financing that exists, more than 4.5 billion cryptocurrencies, which has a price of 0.5 dollars, more than 2 billion dollars, no project has that amount of money to finance itself, we are facing the project with the most financing of all by far, and the community does not want to spend a ton of money on advertising, it does not make sense. Advertising will give greater value to ton crystal, if it multiplies its value by 10, the price of ton crystal would be at 5 dollars, which would give a total of more than 20 billion dollars, nor do nuclear fusion projects have that financing, Have you been thinking about the ecosystem that can be created around freeton? If freeton finances the best projects directly, you can create the best blockchain that exists, but for that you need publicity, more publicity makes more people know about freeton and more people buy ton crystal, that increases the price of ton crystal, which makes more people look at ton crystal, increasing its price more, the more value ton crystal has, the better known it will be, which in turn will make more good application developers want building on freeton, especially if your projects are funded, which will create a strong ecosystem and make freeton really useful. I have seen very good centralized projects, you can be sure that not all blockchains will be public, many will be private, and many of these blockchains are much more developed than many public blockchains and have very good technology, and those blockchains yes They advertise and will do more in the future, so if you want Freeton to succeed, you have to think like them and think big so that Freeton is adopted by the largest number of people and that is done with advertising and money, we like it more or less, it is like this. My opinion is that ton crystal can be used to pay the administrators of telegram channels dedicated to investing in cryptocurrencies through adgram, telegram is being widely used for this in many countries, being able to reach thousands of people every day, no I think that the amounts to be paid would have to be very high, since the administrator of a telegram channel does not have many expenses, we would also involve that person to worry about giving a higher quality publicity since it would affect their own benefit, also Many have accounts on YouTube and social networks so the impact may be greater, I for my part commit myself if the community wants to try to get in touch with administrators of telegram groups in my country to try to advertise freeton.

20,000 TONs daily ?
Is this a efficient approach for advertising ?

Free TON Community can organize a twitter campaign contest with a prize pool of 140,000 TON every week and can easily grow their community base.

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Can you please list all of the value that YOU brought to Free TON? I’d like a list before I take anything you write with any degree of seriousness. Next you’ll be telling Elon Musk how rockets should be built.

Your critique has been duly noted and rightfully ignored. Thank you for participating.

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You are just trying to make Free TON as a centralised project with your partner friends.

  1. There is no community, there are several people who manage all the money

  2. There is a study indicating that most of the traffic on the Internet is bots, and I am sure that the main traffic through cointelegraph is cheating and manipulation, and then they trade themselves, deceiving all sorts of gullible projects

  3. The fact that people who make decisions in friton obviously do not bear personal responsibility, and do not feel the project as a part of themselves, they come here as to work, and if everything breaks down here, then the money will not need to be returned, and people will simply settle in another place

  4. So until there really is decentralized management, everything will go to hell

decentralized management promise-promise, promise-promise, oh, that’s what they like to do

But more importantly, it won’t take too long to make decentralized governance, it’s just that a group of people holding power doesn’t want to let go.

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Now it remains to squeeze out someone from the administration who will authoritatively declare that I am a fool and carry delirium, and in general it is not worth listening to me and paying attention to me

And that I am so petty and stupid that the angels themselves decided to descend from heaven to warn you about this

PS. I hope this message will save us from their coming,

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Free TON is really controlled by some members with their own rules. Global adoption is really hard for Free TON.

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When will there be a contest - “Best Troll in Free TON”?

I am sure you will win !!!

You are definitely the best Troll in Free TON ;-)))

Proof of Centralisation

This is a public subgovernance (passed) proposed by a single member with his team as initial member. Surprisingly majority of initial members aren’t from Free TON Community.
Please give your feedback about this subgovernance.

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cointelegraph is a reputed crypto news platform in the world. this partnership is a win-win contract for free ton and cointelegraph.

So I will ask you only one question to understand whether you really put something into what you say or is it, as usual, empty words:

A year has passed, tell me pls how cointelegraph influenced the project, except for the price dump?


at starting stage everyone needs some reputed news platform to make a trust of blockchain.

Maybe I didn’t put it exactly

What are the ACTUAL results after a year of “partnership”?

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actual results ?
promotional companies can promote but doesn’t guarantee of any sale.

CT had promised to grow userbase of community in millions and now they had nothing in real results.

Any promotional event can’t guarantee new sales/users.

But partnership real benefits aren’t even 0.1% of their promised KPIs and spending about 20K TONs daily on non-performing partnership is worthless for entire Free TON community.

Where is that huge profit ?