Free TON

Collaboration Proposal for Free TON Promotion (On the verge of full decentralization)

Hi Artist & MonaMahmoodi1 ,
there is no need for a letter of representation. we have talked to them for a long time.
And we asked the surf team to send email to them and ask directly.
Surf team said they have no plans to do so at the moment.
That’s why I went to Bazaar Cafe Company in person today and after the necessary negotiations, work was done!
Iranian users enjoy Surf wallet in Iranian market.


Great, this is very good news.
It turns out that all users who are banned from Google services can download SURF through the service

I tried downloading / installing. Failed, I think it's temporary.

Good start.
User @XLR25t gives you a good recommendation about “Persian SG”, think about it. If you have a team and a clear development plan for Free TON, the community will support you.

Dear Ron (@XLR25t ),

I was counting every single second to see your comment. Can’t believe how much happy I am to see it. Thank you very much for letting me know your concerns.

First of all let me introduce the ability of my team a little more. We have been involved in promoting and advertizing for several years. To make it short, you may find me as an admin of the following coummunities :
Nobitex is the biggest p2p exhcange in Iran
Jibitex is a new exchange in Iran and could attract more than 10,000 users after we started promoting this exchange, just in a couple of months. This is not my claim but guys from Jibitex have acknowledged it.
“Bazar Bozorg Tehran” is one of the biggest and one of the most active groups in Iran working on advertizment. Here people wish to pay to be able to advertize their business.

I mentioned only 3 groups (out of severals) to show that my team can promote Free TON correctly. We don’t just claim but we do it and it is not even difficult for us.

To be honest, I think making a Persian subgovernance is not suitable in our case, at the moment. We have lost a lot of time due to ambassador subgovernance issues and etc. We need to move forward and really don’t like to experience simillar issues or face some unnecessary bureaucracies. We count every single second to start moving forward.

I think the main issue has been solved in our proposal and Free TON has not to pay a lot, if we do not do our work correlty. The main governance will evaluate our results and the value we have added to Free TON and will decide how much it is worth. Lets have an example:

We have done our work. We have brought some value to Free TON. We have requested 200,000 TONs. Main governance realizes that some of our work is not OK and the value we have added is worth only 20,000 TONs. The only thing main governance needs to do is: gives us average point of 1 (out of 10) on voting (at the end) and that’s it. We will get only 20,000 TONs.

It is clear that in this way Free TON will keep its supevision on us. Please find it as our honesty. No worries about our plans. If these are not good or efficient, it will be reflected on the results and Free TON will not pay for it. Free TON will pay for the values have been added to Free TON (and hereby we accept that the reward gets determined by main governance at the end and after evaluating our results). Who else accepts our conditions as a collaborator or partner? We have accepted because we want to move forward. No wish to get money for free. Wish to move forward and earn money in responce to our valuabel results.

P.S.: As you may know two Iranian teams got united and started to work since the begining of May, 2020. Due to some problems and unsolved mis-understanding (never mentioned in public because we think the issues between guys should not harm Free TON), we can not trust and join the other team and make a united Persian Subgovernance. If the community allow us to continue separately and along with a collaboration you will never get disappointed.


Personal manager

Your man in the bank - promptly solves issues in a chat or on the phone

Simple integration with accounting

Simple integration of a checking account with 1C, Contour, Button, My Case and Finguru

Overdraft and credits

Pay to counterparties, even if there is not enough money in the checking account

This is a good promotion proposal and wish you good luck


Hello Mr. Morteza. Welcome to Free TON. These days we see basic issues in some other SGs (where there are pre-payment tons without tight guarantees for works). One of them has recently been revealed and is a hot topic on the forum. However, this proposal with approximately ~0 upfront and with a plenty of work isn’t considered.

I think from the description, this offer will be successful. Everything is detailed , plus a lot of interesting points. Also, the development team is very professional and there is language support.


Thank for this. I like this forum. I like it