Community Decentralized PR Contest [12th of February, 2021 - 12th of March]

Hello everyone! Happy to present 2 articles.

  1. Free TON вырос до $200 млн и планирует дойти до $1 млрд — Крипто на

Contract: 0:f721439d00fae7b43a924669730e525852fa9ecf59b09e3a12b88c396d0b3300

Public key: 0xEF377451E8518FCD2F6663F8B00EC6AFCB14ED0DB4638950FD70337A2D7D2760


  1. Проект Free TON планирует достичь капитализации свыше 1 млрд долларов в 2021 г | Hi-Tech | Селдон Новости

Contract: 0:066c96b9e6a23b8caa8cb24ef91991bfa11b2d4c3033f14f521b2be972a7e189

Public key: 0x65620411D3B840E7541CC28D4F3ED430EC58B99444A38B24E3F4473DFB828139


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My Contacts:
Telegram: Contact @ushakovkirill


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Contest: Community Decentralized PR Contest. Extending Proposal

General description

Because of the long holidays, chinese new year, 14 feb, 23 feb, 8 march , not everyone had a chance to join and prepare for this contest. Technical judges also needed rest, so it is incorrect to load them with work for the holidays. The bulk of the article checks will take place in the last week and we are worried that the judges will not be able to quickly check all the articles. Let’s give more people the opportunity to join this contest, and therefore increase the number of good submissions! Because of this, we propose to extend this contest until March 26, 2021 end of day UTC.

New dates:

February 12, 2021 at 00:01 UTC - March, 26, 2021 at 23:59 UTC

Procedure Remarks

This proposal does not propose to change the rules, only the dates.


Коллеги, кто знает где взять имена и ключи комьюнити менеджера для отправки статьи в конкурсе по pr? Не могу разобраться. Также поддерживаю идею продлить немного конкурс.

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Продлите конкурс, пожалуйста


due to the fact that DeBot was published only after starting of the contest, let’s prolong contest at least on this time


Ну вот например мне уже 4й день новостники не отвечают по причине праздников, ни по почте ни по телефону. Все это очень долгий процесс.

Edit: following some friendly constructive criticism from @MIchael_Kabanov, it’s worth noting that the technically original article (The piece which went on on DPR was an abbreviated version) can be found on here: Rebutting MIT's Paper on Blockchain Voting - In A Completely Decentralized Manner | Hacker Noon

Also, it appears the digitaljournal piece was taken down for ‘political bias’ unfortunately. Might have to rethink strategy next time aye.

Hey all, here’s my, ahem, DPR entry. More details in the PDF, but some of the main links: Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa ~#21k Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa ~#30k Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa ~#26k Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa ~#9k


Thanks and good luck all!

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Неплохой вариант сбора интеллектуальной собственности. Вы пишете. Оригинал отправляете Мите. После публикуете. Кто владеет собственностью? Митя. А вы копирастеры по умолчанию. Пишите, Шуры, пишите. Мите - респект ректальный. Нехорошо это, Митя. Нечестно

Just for the sake of discussion, how did you come to such conclusions?

  • the text is written
  • sent for ‘approval’ (Mitja is not the only one who can do that, btw)
  • edited and approved
  • posted somewhere

How come that Mitja (lets assume he wants to be the owner of the © for some reason) becomes the author of the text?

Потому что у него в почте первоисточник. С датой. Понимаешь? Дата в почте раньше опубликования в прессе.

The timestamp of a sent text is earlier in any case, no?

Так. Но время публикации позже. Есть время выложить , я уже теоретизирую, на каком либо ресурсе, и поиск по соответствию признает авторство второй стороны. Это одна сторона. Другая. Напрягая интеллект других, стимулируя не существующими и нереально большими призами и гонорарами, можно сбацать “собственное” Творение. И распорядиться им по своему усмотрению.

Hello everyone! The first stage of the #112 Community Decentralized PR Contest is over. We also noticed to you 17 publications organized by our team. You can see them on a submissioun-page.
The publications were made both about the project itself and on behalf of Free TON experts. We tried to highlight the competitive advantages of the project from all sides and make it attractive for newbies. A few articles do not have the Alexa rank, but most are eligible for the competition. We also note that in some cases the global Alexa rank is low, while the media itself is well-known and popular, and has a high rating within the country. Materials will continue to be published on our mailing list. Everyone is welcome to join the next stage of the competition. Good luck.


The future belongs to DeBot!!! convenient, and understandable thank you!

My work in PDF, and in DePress DeBot

Hello. I am author of Free TON House magazine.
My submission in DePress: 0x6897013A0073D627464E26EEAACE0E70874C1178AC5DFA22983563B360EBBEA2
Very clear conditions of the contest and a convenient tool DePress DeBot!

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Ben, as we have discussed, some of your texts are published on third party domain which has nothing to do with the respected publications.

If you try the search, nothing is found, unfortunately.

E.g. Search ::

As far as I understand SEO, such links might pass some referral weight to the domain (what is good). Though, in this case the actual donor is pretty weak -

You should re-upload your submission and add Hakernoon article as the headliner - that piece is pretty awesome! Good job!

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Going all international! That was my approach to this stage of the contest.

Pleae, find my submission in the gov-interface. Hope you will enjoy it.

Good luck to all participants!

My Submission on pdf
TG name @enbit88

:warning:In the process of registration, I made a mistake in the link to the article.
Request to replace this link — Press Releases — to correct link The cryptocurrency that I build myself …

Thank you for understanding

:rocket:upd 14.03.2021
I am glad to announce that my article was published on 4 more sites, after the end of the competition

  1. Free TON: One Man’s Story | Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa
    This site ranks: # 44,672 :white_check_mark:

  2. Free TON: One Man’s Story Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa
    This site ranks: #3,497,167 :small_orange_diamond:

  3. Free TON: One Man’s Story - BTCNN Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa
    This site ranks: #793,679 :small_orange_diamond:

  4. Free TON: One Man’s Story Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa
    This site ranks: #152,285 :white_check_mark:


Hello everybody!!!

Here is our submission:

TG name @dnugget

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Here are submitted links for easy checking:







Here are some more links, but most of them are pretty low ranked, so we saved some time of our respected jurors and not pushed them into debot :slight_smile: