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Community Decentralized PR Contest

Если это не распил бюджета то я вьетнамский лётчик

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Could you, please, if I’m getting the idea correctly.

Article is written by a web-site A (or the contestant), then it’s being proof-read by one of the KCM. Uploaded into the blockchain.

The article is published on the web-site A, all the criteria are their.

I understand to this point. What happens next?

The very same article goes to site B and is posted there as well?

Top-tier sites post same content pretty seldom. Thus, it will be a re-write. How do you connect the re-write with the source?


Article is written by site C (or contestant), proof-read and uploaded in the blockchain.

And posted on the site C.

Another article is written by site D, proof-read and uploaded in the blockchain.

So, contestant Y will have 2 ‘source files’ and 2 unique articles.

Please, explain as you see it. Thank you!

You submit all articles you believe originated from your original article.

In order to launch the contest we need to come up with a list of people we suggest as a trusted voice of the Free TON community. Please suggest your candidates below. Thank you


If no opposition to any of the names above is provided by the Contest start it will be considered as decided.