Free TON partnership proposal to Free TON

About us — modern technology informational resourse targeting CIS countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the rest of the former USSR). The site publishes news, technical reviews, analytics and other IT-related information, including the topics relevant for business audiences.

In plain language we are striving to tell about the future that is already happening and is available to average users. We help to sort out the things very complicated at first glance: blockchain, cloud technologies, AR and VR, AI, robotics, etc. We also introduce new products and gadgets which make lives easier, safer and more interesting.

Computerra in numbers

How we can be useful

  • Computerra is in good starting position to cover Community events in CIS region. We have already produced 2 articles about Free TON:
    What you should know about Free TON blockchain platform— 15K views
    TON Labs interview — 7.6K views

  • We will help expanding the Community with the new audience: Computerra readers are not merely “crypto geeks” but average people curious about technologies. In terms of interests our audience is more diverse compared to crypto and blockchain community media resources.

  • Apart from being present in Google news, we are among the recommended services of Yandex.Zen, Google Discovery, Pulse Mail ru. In the outcome one story can get up to 200K views per day.

  • Many stories keep their high ratings organically. For example, per ‘free ton’ request the What you should know about Free TON blockchain platform article keeps the 3rd place at Google and is in Yandex Top-10 in Russia after 4 months since publication.

What’s the Computerra interest

  • We understand that Computerra is no competitor to large crypto platforms. Computerra is relatively small but well-known in CIS region. We have excellent opportunities to attract new audiences to the Community. We also know that Free TON is the super-prospective blockchain platform, very much entitled for global success. We are thrilled to become a part of the big story.

  • Partnership can attract additional traffic to Computerra due to subject expansion and increase of content volume. Thus we can shift our site level and weight.

  • Partnership with Free TON is a great opportunity to update our design and functionality.

Partnership plan

Newsroom formation

We compile the separate newsroom for Free TON partnership project:
— 2 writers with technical education;
— editor;
— YouTube channel leader;
— SMM manager;
— designer.

Scope of responsibilities: content plan organization; content production, packaging and distribution.

For full immersion the separate team is required. The newsroom will have the unified goal and KPI — Free TON Community enlarging.

Timeline to compile the team and tune the resource — 2 months.

Content release

  • Free TON Community news/press releases — as they appear.

  • Information materials on blockchain, cryptocurrency, etc. — 60 quarterly.

  • Interviews and comments of Free TON Community representatives — 6 quarterly.

  • Subject-related YouTube videos: life hacks, manuals and other useful stuff — 12 quarterly.

  • Q&A sessions — 3 quarterly.

  • Streams — 3 quarterly.

  • Contests — 6 quarterly.

Additional options

  • “Free TON” rubric that unites all publications — the separate item at the site upper menu, so users can proceed there directly.

  • TON Surf wallet promotion with the download link and installation manual: banners at site header, on the main page, in the articles, etc.

  • Engagement of outsource writers for Free TON stories production; payment in crystals.

  • Any Free TON partner can use as the PR platform in CIS region.


Goals 1Q 2021 2Q 2021 3Q 2021 4Q 2021
Unique views 235 000 450 000 850 000 1 250 000


For one year support we need 460 000 crystals, including:

  • primary payment to initiate team formation and site tuning — 80 000 crystals;
  • readers’ prize pool — 5 000 crystals per month^;
  • fixed quarterly payment to maintain the newsroom team— 80 000 crystals^.

^With KPI quarterly indicators reached and itemized report on work done submitted.


Ivan Karpuhin, publisher of

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Компутерра ! Ещё в 90 - х бегал в киоск за журналами ) :vulcan_salute:


Hillarious! $0.5M for a couple of articles. Is it a prank?


Dear @chuck ,

Maybe our offer was lacking some information. We have corrected it, so:

  • we’ll produce total of 360 various informational materials(videos, articles, interviews, contests, streams, Q/A);
  • we’ll ensure 2.785.000 views;
  • we’ll distribute 120K of crystals for the readers(60к) and outsource writers(60к);
  • the primary payment for team formation and project launch is 80K crystals. The rest will be paid after KPI indicators reached - with the confirmation report submitted.

We have also indicated in the Additional options that TON Surf promo will be launched and any Community partner can use our platform for its free PR in CIS region.

Goals & KPI

Goals 1Q 2021 2Q 2021 3Q 2021 4Q 2021
Information materials 60 60 60 60
Interviews 6 6 6 6
YouTube videos 12 12 12 12
Q&A sessions 3 3 3 3
Streams 3 3 3 3
Contests 6 6 6 6
Total amount 90 90 90 90
KPI 1Q 2021 2Q 2021 3Q 2021 4Q 2021
Unique views 235 000 450 000 850 000 1 250 000
Crystals for readers and outsource writers 30000 30000 30000 30000

Computerra is alive!!) and modernize with FreeTON!)))

I’d like this proposal because they ask crystals for achieved goals, not for just one promo like cointelegraph(. Of course they attend only Russian speaking auditoria, but it’s not small)!

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Why you count it in USD? One month ago price for crystals was zero.

Well, times change. It’s $1.11 as of today.

Dear Ivan,

I appreciate how this might be useful one day, but the major value for Free TON right now is not marketing. Readers and views are not measurable as value until there are use cases. It is use cases for users to come and use something that is number 1 right now. Marketing comes much, much later r through the SMM sub-governance group That SG was formed specifically for this purpose. I think you can do a lot of good there. Please join them and see how you can be of assistance and get some tokens in the process for your qualified, KPI-based work in that group.

I also don’t want you (or rather one of the other individuals that commented here) about Cointelegraph. CT is not out to promote in terms of network marketing. Instead, they are educating the public and they have a major part of the crypto public cornered. CT shares the same vision as Free TON but also have the means to not ask for likes and views, but to tell the world about Free TON to those who share the same values and will use it. There is a big difference.

In a few months I think this proposal would be of great value. You’re just a liiiiiiittle bit early.