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Contest: Airdrop Mechanics [Finished]

And do not forget to check their bank account history too.


Hi guys, i prepared a concept of token distribuitng.

ENG version:

RU версия:


I suggest to do an app like the Electroneum one which rewards user after be regularly conected in. Kind of a cloud mining but not really one.


To conduct FreeTON airdrop i suggest creating interactive website platform, for example, with cards showing the main values and use cases that become possible when using FreeTON technology.

The cards should be in a form of short statement/question and detailed description/answer. It is necessary to create a stack of cards on above mentioned subjects. Each card visualizes and natively demonstrates how FreeTON technology helps to solve problems and troubles and meets the needs of community. It also could be cards promoting very basic actions like: How to use FreeTON wallet, How to create transaction, etc.

The cards should be constantly elaborated due to the course of project development and new use-cases. To maintain the involvement the website will have a newsletter sign up option. Registered users will get new card’s teasers each week/month. Thereafter, the more a user knows about the project, the more Points he potentially can get.

Then create quiz system based on this cards. Taking the quiz, a user explores the project more deeply and as a reward gets certain number of Points, that are saved in user’s personal account. Registration on the website is carried through binding user’s telegram account.

Quiz can be taken at website and via the telegram bot. The quiz can be valid till certain phase of the project development. After that stage website will stay as standalone information unit, with tons of useful information.

When signing up a user takes quiz’s basic version, confirms the following of required telegram channels @ton_crystal_news and @toncrystal, signs declaration of decentralization and gets first Points. Afterwards, the questions in random order and random time are sent to signed up users via telegram bot, that lessens the possibility of using bots and multi-accounts. The number and frequency of sent questions is regulated based on the airdrop timeframe.

At some stage, users will be offered to change/swap Points to native tokens of FreeTON network, TONs.

The main advantage of this approach is not only to distribute tokens, but at the same time to convey to the community the main values ​​and advantages of the FreeTON.

p.s. To increase additional security from bots and multi accounts it is possible to use locking of certain amount of cryptocurrency in user’s wallet till the end of airdrop event.


in addition, make a listing on traditional cryptocurrency resources and sites. such as and Coinmarketcap. Attracting professional clients from the cryptocurrency world. many will be happy to see the new coin. new cryptocurrencies appear every day. some of them are also pre distributed free of charge to help with the organization and operation of this project


In addition to quiz there could be lot of other tasks implemented into this system. For example: users can earn additional Points for referral activity, for managing community, hosting meetings or any other events, etc.


I propose leveraging use of Idena network to distribute tokens in a fair and decentralized way.

Distribution to Idena verified humans (one node=one unique person) would ensure full elimination of bots and couldn’t be manipulated for the benefit of the few like is the case with usual airdrops.


Hi Dimka. Thank you for your input.

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Something to think about, but not sure if it’s right straight out-of-the-gate? Just thinking out loud here.


I agree and it’s been discussed, but it seems the consensus so far is that taking baby steps at first is the way to go. But yes, of course. As Free TON grows this will be the correct approach.


Not bad. But there still will be alot Alt. acoount users. To make airdrop relevant we need to create some kind of proof_of_Human without all that KYC stuff

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but otherwise a lot of coins flow away in one hand, you can make 1 social network, for example from 3 to choose from , I think everyone has 1 of the proposed ones))
so the masses will immediately know about us, telegram is certainly popular, but why forget about others.

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I propose educational way to airdrop TON as well as giving small amount to every user by creating Tipbot that link wallet with Telegram account.
There should be educational content about TON, Decentralization and other significant topics which afterwards asked in a Quiz and the users who score 10/10 should be awarded a nice amount for their time.
Other Telegram channels with blockchain links should be given links to the Quiz for free TONs. Every click of link shared should also count in Airdrop increment. It will create healthy as well as fair distribution to the community.
For security, you can ask to link their Social media accounts which are atleast 90 days old.

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Ознакомился с вашей версией airdrop поддерживаю всесторонне. Имею несколько дополнений .

  1. Реферальную систему можно расширить на несколько уровней чтоб человек получал награду не только за своих рефералов но и за тех кого пригласят его рефералов.
  2. У меня есть небольшая точка по продаже фруктов и я готов разместить рекламу о том что принимаю токены в качестве оплаты это будет на мой взгляд весьма и весьма продуктивно с точки зрения распространения информации среди обычных людей
  3. Договориться с блогерами даже с маленькой аудиторией о том что они будут принимать пожертвования в токенах на какое нибудь благое дело (например покупку и бесплатную раздачу защитных масок с изображением логотипа FreeTON)
  4. Сделать розыгрыши призов с логотипом FreeTON (футболки кепки рюкзаки )


  1. I am not a native speaker, so sorry if it is hard to get what I mean.
    When there will be a wallet app for TON coins, everybody who is registered here could get a link to this wallet. By installing the wallet, one could get an amount of coins, and a referral link to the wallet app. Then this referral link will be used to get friends and family to install the app to get coins an reff. link. and so go on.
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I don’t think that usage of telegram bot is a really good idea. There is no way to protect from fake accounts in Telegram. It is easy to abuse such bot, you can easily buy a virtual phone number and make many telegram accounts.


There could be some verificators that will do verification of the accounts that seems to be fake or bots.


I’m focusing on the hardest part of creating fair distribution of Crystals - rejecting users with multiple accounts. There is - first Proof-of-Person blockchain where users go through Validation Ceremony simultaneously by completing AI-resistant Turing test. There are 2328 verified identities and I propose to use to ensure users uniqueness without KYC procedures in a decentralized manner.


Yes, but to be honest, i think its almost impossible to fight such behavior with reasonable results without strict video KYC, which in not the case for FreeTON. Thats why i suggest to make this airdrop continuous, and send quiz questions / tasks in random order at random time. Each quiz / task should be completed in determined period of time, after that period quiz / task expiring. It will be easy for real users who use telegram in their daily life. And much harder for bounty hunters.

There is a lot of other strategies, but most of it will make the process very difficult for ordinary users.

Just 1 message above I’ve mentioned use of first Proof-of-Person blockchain identities for that. Without KYC.