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Contest: Crystal Wallet Design Improvement #1

Yeah unfortunately this looks like a true (


I agree with you. it takes more time to work out a good prototype wallet. It’s not as easy as it sounds.


Could you just add 1 more week ? Maybe this idea can get support.

Already 1 submission after 4 day, really?)

Do we have a form of attaching wallet information to one’s account and probably transact without direct use of the same wallet

Is this an official contest, or some kind of joke?

The UI shouldn’t take too much time, because you need to use the styles of the Free TON and Telegram brand books. 2 weeks is a very realistic period

Unfortunately it’s impossible…

Crystal wallet is purely decentralized, it doesn’t communicate through any server, so I think it is impossible without centralization

Can you provide more details about these features?

Do I need to provide support for multi-accounts for each currency and the ability to buy cryptocurrency with a card?

There is no such features request in pdf

@mzonder said correctly. There is no request for such functions