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Contest: DeAnalytics Q1/21 Token Distribution Program

Failed to accept the offer (Not passed) the first time.
I will check with the members - I will find out their comments, suggestions or edits. And we will send it for signature again.
I would like to find out from the participants on the terms, from April 8-18, it is enough to submit a PDF?


I have already made PDF file.

I will prepare a pdf in a day

I support it. I need 1-2 days, no more

:family_man_man_girl_boy: Passed Loading PDF from April 10-18


How can I find it ? I see it only in passed proposals, not in active contests

It will be active on April 10.

Contest is active now.
Welcome participants submissions :+1:

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it’s destats, not deanalytics

thanks, i’m still waiting