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Contest: DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program

As I understand, this proposal was not accepted? Or You plan vote again on it?

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Again. At the moment, failed to attend the voting the desired number of initial members .
During the day, we will try to make another attempt to launch the contest.

What’s difference between two following (not passed) contests:

#6 Contest: DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program .


#7 Contest: DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program.

They are the same (there is no difference) . The problem with the signature of the contract, Several members (60%) initial members are not active. We solve this problem. It is possible to replace several (not active) SG participants.


Hi, a quick question.

Is it still possible to analyse the 2020 Q4 partnerships or this contest is only for those who already submitted their analytics to the SG jury members (or whatever the process was)?

This is for those who introduced analytics in Q4 2020

You can analyze new partners Q1 2021
And submit the report in April, at the end of the first quarter.
The DeAnalytics Q1/21 contest is in development.

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Hello again. As I saw in proposal above -

  1. contest period is up to 15 feb 2021,
  2. proposal “#10 Contest: DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program” here Free TON Community is Accepted,
  3. but not exists in “Contests”.
    How users will upload their links and files up to 15 feb?

Конкурс перенесен в активные
Уже можно загрузить пдф

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Great, now all participants who conducted and assisted in working on partner analytics can upload their PDFs.
The submission of the PDF with the works of the participants will end on February 15, I recommend that you upload the PDF file in advance.

Added submission 1

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Guys, send your applications - don’t wait until the last one.

I am preparing a pdf file.
Today or tomorrow I will load it. I understand that it’s enough links to my reports and screenshot the post on the forum

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Yes, there are enough links and screenshots.

Hello, submitted in pdf
telegram @Letitbe3
Address 0:181c522e56feb708d099464b33b5edc00a2009f59b53beb0788732e719bbfc58


Telegram username: @winwo
TON Surf Address:
Please check my submission in PDF-file.

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Hello everyone! My Submission in PDF-file.
Telegram: @lvv365
Wallet: 0:c1fb48d053117f2efb5d802c118b2ce1b9ce038a1e6da048679ef13d803afc68**

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PDF uploaded.
Telegram: @aicracy
Wallet: 0:a087d81ab4c45086aae9ea07580a9d08f2d8a9b0693b20daca775503e77be68a

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Dune Network Community

Где-то есть список партнеров, по которым стоит проводить аналитику?

Например, партнерские предложения, такие как Finstreet India’s вряд ли стоит рассматривать всерьез? Или все равно по ним нужна аналитика?

Finstreet ушел в отказ. Уже было по нему голосование.
В данный момент я не вижу партнёрских заявок для аналитики. Нужно отслеживать ветку partnership.
Finstreet went into denial. There was already a vote on it.
At the moment, I don’t see any partner requests for analytics. Need to track down the branch partnership.

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