Free TON

Contest: Decentralized Promotion [Finished]

1, before starting the promotion, the project must have detailed documentation in different languages
2 to create a referral system with a reward for attracting users.


Community could also help with translation:)


I think it will be better to create another contestfor that

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Note: There is no need to post about process and proposals. You should post links to your work here.

In addition,

FreeTON Promo


Hi everybody here )

As quite old member of bitcointalk forum ( this is biggest forum about crypto till now ) i decided to create thread related to Free TON here - . My nickname there Estrange18. On May 9 i created this thread coz i thought that Free Ton may be interesting for bitcointalk community. And coz i belive in perspectives of this project :wink: Mostly i spend my time at bitcointalk in russian-speaking local so this thread I also created there.

Now i am tryng to updaite it with all news about FreeTon and answer people questions about project.
In general people showing their interest about FreeTon. We got there 1000+ Views and 100+ Replies already. And i will keep posting there all news about FreeTon project :upside_down_face:


Promote TON in My Blog and My Social Media :





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Everyone, please provide your submissions to win the contest here:

:eyes: I read that you should not promote Free TON until the general currency is shared.
Users download the SERF application, and there are only test rubies. Many will decide that this is a fraud and will no longer understand it.

Я читаю, что не стоит продвигать Free TON до открытия общего доступа к основной валюте.
Пользователи скачают приложение SERF, а там только тестовые рубины. Многие решат, что это мошенничество и больше не будут разбираться.


I think the terms of this competition should be reviewed. It makes sense to publish articles and reviews with a referral links.

My proposal for promote Free TON is follow:

Original TON platform contain follow sub projects:
TON P2P Network
TON Storage
This technology presents on github ( ) as dht and storage directories, that means that sources available for development.

At same time already exist projects:
IPFS ( ) - decentralized, blockchain based Storage
IPFS based coin - Filecoin ( ) that commerce based on provide space from users ( on their computers space ) for companys ( for reward )

I see follow solution for reward Free TON users ( and popularization Free TON as result, as same time ):

  • reward users for provide space for TON Storage: for companies or for community TON Storage
    reward calculated according space and time during this, space was provided by user ( wallet holder ).

  • reward users for provide traffic for TON Storage: basicaly it look like BitTorrent tracker raiting.
    reward may be calculated according traffic, that was provided by user ( wallet holder ) for other TON Storage users.

  • reward users for original content that was upload to TON Storage ( i have no information about content validation in TON, like it doing Youtube ans similar services )
    reward may be provide for initial source - user ( wallet holder ) of popular TON Storage content.

Initial payers for this services - those who need space for store data decentralized, or those who want to destribute file based content for users, and also donations for content.

Main idea is not just realise TON Storage based on Free TON, but provide possibilityes for pay and reward for this.

For realisation this technicaly - all Free TON validators, that already provide infrastructure for blockchain and crystal coin, for being part of project, must run some addition services for TON P2P Network and TON Storage.

Base cash flow videohosting schema:
content owner and ad customer ->
video service ->
hosting company that provide traffic and storages

TON Storage based cash flow schema:
content owner and ad customer ->
video service ->
users that provide traffic and space for TON Storage

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А где мне получить свою реф. ссылку ?

Добрый день! Ее пока нет, скорее всего она будет доступна с запуском эйрдропа. Следите за новостями на нашем канале


My opinion. TON do not ready for promotion. Even some people with skills can’t do anything yet on platform and just waits. Simple users can do nothing here.

I like this idea. And when considering the way TON will perform 1,000,000 transactions per second above Bitcoin, TON’s price could be more higher than today’s Bitcoin price. So let’s work for the perfect decentralisation of TON GRAM

The use of car stickers in promoting Free TON.

Name: Artyom Makarov (Punkersgen)


The usage of car stickers on the rear window with the “Free TON Crystal” sign was chosen as the means of promotion. In advantage of this way:

  • When a car is parked, the sticker makes people curious about what it means and they begin searching for more information about Free TON.
  • In move and during the traffic people also can be interested in this sign and its meaning.
  • The dynamic move of the promo sign in the city and in the countryside makes a bigger reach.
  • The recognition of Free TON increases among potential users.

There is a QR-code on the sticker for making a search of the information more available, which has its own link:

That is how the sticker looks:

It consists of:

  1. - the official symbol Free TON
  2. The sign «Free TON Crystal» with using font PT Root UI.
  3. qrcode1 - QR-code, containing the link on

The sticker is being given for free and is sticking on the upper spot of the rear window. Its size is 150x1100mm.


During the process it was discovered that the blue coloured stickers are not always perfectly seen on the rear window and so the white coloured stickers were ordered.

Approximately 4 stickers per day are being sticking for now.


Hello Everybody!

We plan to publish a series of articles about the FreeTON project on the resource (it’s old computer journal in Russia)

The outline of the articles is as follows:
• Introductory topic: FreeTON is getting ready to launch.
• Interviews with developers - What are we doing and why? What is true Decentralization.
• Applied cases and examples that we are waiting for in the near future.

Any additional articles are welcome!

Мы планируем опубликовать серию статей посвященных проекту FreeTON, в старейшем компьютерном журнале в России

План тем статей следующий:
• Вводная тема: FreeTON готовится к запуску.
• Интервью с разработчиками - Что мы делаем и для чего? Что такое настоящая Децентрализация.
• Прикладные кейсы и примеры которые мы ждем в ближайшее время.
Любые дополнительные темы предлагайте!



Free TON promotion by translating articles and documentation into Russian.

Name: Artyom Makarov (Punkersgen)


It was decided to create wiki-site along with articles and documentation translation into Russian as the means of help and promotion Free TON. The web-site is situated on: Any users are able to add new pages and edit existing ones freely to help the community.

Several articles have been translated by us, and we also got some edits by volunteers.

The project is considered to be unfinished, as it will always be increasing.

The project was created on May, 24th, year 2020.