Free TON

Contest: DeEducation №1

Contest: DeEducation №1

Type: contest

Contest dates: Jul 19, 2021 — September 19, 2021 (at 23:59 UTC).

Voting cycle: 14 days


The Free TON community, especially Dev Teams, needs more Smart Contract and DeBot developers. Some experienced Free TON developers can teach new people, but don’t have enough time for it. To organize education we need managers who can organize the education process and with collaboration with developers can teach students.

The goal

Get new Junior Developers experienced in Smart Contract and DeBot development, which can be hired by Free TON development teams.


Applicants for Junior Developers position, present their coursework on AMA session and pass interview with Jurors.

Applicants must be ready to sign job contract with employer with following minimal terms:

  • Salary: trial period $500/Month NET max 3 months, $650 min NET after;
  • Type of workspace - distant/on site.


Each submission must have:

  • Education Team Surf address,
  • Education Team Telegram ID for contact,
  • CV in english of student who participated in education,
  • student Surf address,
  • student Telegram ID for contact,
  • short BIO, soft skills,
  • achieved academic assessments (1 to 10 points),
  • link to course work published on github.


  • Jurors will be recruited from DevEx and DevOps SG initial members, jurors and other active members, who have a solid understanding of the described technology to provide a score.
  • Jurors or whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions lose their right to vote in this contest.


Education Team

For each certified student (all students who get 5 points and above) get:

  • 450 TON per point (ex. 7 points = 2 800).

In future we recommend this kind of monetization - for each student who get job offer from involved Employers:

  • 3 amounts of salary in Free TON equivalence (payed by employee directly to Education Team).


Students who scored 5 or more points get:

  • Free TON Academy certificate - Blockchain Junior Developer;
  • Encouraging prize in Free TON Crystals in sum 50 TON per point (ex. 7 points = 350 TON, 4 points = 0 TON);
  • Job offer from one of the Free TON Dev Teams.

Jury rewards

An amount equal to 10% of the total sum of all total tokens awarded to contest winners will be distributed among jurors who vote and provide feedback. Jury rewards are directly proportional to the number of votes, so if one juror votes less often and another more often, the reward is disseminated respectively.

Org Rewards

An amount equal to 5% of the total sum of all total tokens awarded to contest winners will be distributed among org members who helped to organize, promote the contest, establish AMA sessions with Jurors and organize rewards distribution equally among them:

  • @casper_ru
  • @ducktalesblock
  • @N999H
  • @alimovpavelI
  • @Excalibur_Code


Recommended roles and workflow and timeline for education process:


  • Education Team
    • Education Manager (search out enrollee, organize enrollee testing process, organize offline/online education, coordinate students and teacher);
    • Teacher (prepare tests for enrollee, interview enrollee, prepare course data, educate students);
  • Enrollee (pass tests and interview);
  • Student (study).


I support. Looks good.

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Good initiative. Nice one

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We have some discussion about rewards, 2800TON for educated junior developer (who get 7 points) can be too high, so any related comments are welcome.
Also in this contest is no methodology of education, it’s by design - because I see it like black box, teachers can/must have their personal methodology.

happy to see how exciting it’ll be for students to earn crypto.

I am very excited, this is a great proposal, and the number of TON rewards is not so important here, because knowledge is the most valuable reward.

Can an ordinary member of Free TON community be able to participate in this contest as an enrollee?

Why not? If you ready to sign work contract after education, don’t see any problem.

Thank you for your answer!

Great initiative! can’t wait to see students take up this initiative as well

A very useful initiative.