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Contest: Free TON Ambassadors (Stage 1: Ambassadors Selection)

proposed formula already included every member but just makes three standards to measure different aspects of contribution to the network.
as my opinion there should be different weightage for different standard of member.
If a member just join Free TON and do nothing but other member join Free TON and involve instantly within network ecosystem should be considered differently.

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First, the contest is active, and no one will change the formula in it.

Second, I already wrote above about tying activity to contests.

This idea has a right to life. And I agree with it. But this is a topic for another conversation. Evaluating the specific weight of each member in a given contest is an unrealistic task. Some will start participating instantly, and some need to read a lot of information to understand everything and only then become active. And imagine that 10 Ambassadors will attract, for example, 20,000 new members. How do you evaluate them all on such a parameter and how long might that take?



Ambassador report should have telegram username, forum username and wallet address of invited username or their are some extra requirements.

Is this one ok?

I think that’s the minimum set. Also, don’t forget the condition:


For example if due to any ambassador work like a presentation to university students some new members joined the network their self, then there is no method to validate number of joined members due to ambassador presentation.

we should add DoD for validation since during signing DoD every new member provides their location/region and then it will be easy to note influence of all ambassadors in their region.

who manage/record of members DoD data/information?

@Alex077, Regarding to your [submission] to ambassador selection contest, I have some questions:

1- Already, you have proposed your “Quiz contest” on “Influencer Sub Governance”.

Why do you duplicate the same contest in Global community contest again??

2- You mentioned that “The estimated number of involved participants is at least 1200 -1500 people” Have you checked previous contests in Free TON?? As far as I know, the maximum number of participants per contest (for all previous contests) is less than 300 (at best case).

1200 -1500 people is not a real number for a contest. I have raised my concern about inaccessible KPIs, previously: Telegram: Contact @GCCG_Ambassadors_contest

3- “The number of users who received information about the Free TON project is at least 20-25000 people
Writing a wide range interval such as “20-25,000” is not a right way for KPI design. Any non-expert people can claim such interval too.

4- " 16425 TONS / month". This is not a right way of writing an Ambassador proposal. You should re-new the proposal for every month and community will assess your performance at previous ones, and will judge your request for renewal next month budget.

/ month” for ever?? really? :wink: :smile:

5- Just two contests have been proposed. I think “Contest for Contest” is not a suitable strategy for ambassadors.

Currently, You can propose your contests without any need to become an ambassador. I recommend this.

@Kolman @Zhytie_Moe


Мне вот, что непонятно: Ambassador, чтобы привлечь аудиторию потребует бюджет на мотивацию.
Одними рассказами о том, как проект крут, народ не привлечешь. Нужны дропы, баунти-кампании и т.п. А бюджет какой под это дело выделяется? Или все из собственных средств Ambassador? У вас в условиях конкурса я не вижу этого главного пункта. А как собственно без него подавать заявку? От того и желающих участвовать так мало.

I read many comments in different contests and most of the users only whine and are always dissatisfied with something. But all passes after a thorough study of the issue.

If you read the conditions of the contest and were present in the Ambassadors chat: Telegram: Contact @GCCG_Ambassadors_contest you wouldn’t have such questions.
Contest: Free TON Ambassadors (Stage 1: Ambassadors Selection) - #14 by Kolman

Firstly, every Ambassador, whose application is successful, will get 500 tokens (welcome bonus). He can spend them on his initial expenses.

Second, Stage 2 will describe the possibility of a stage-by-stage reward for some of the work done by the Ambassador. This was written about in the aforementioned chat:

Your Telegram username is @Nik009rus and I couldn’t find you in this chat for some reason.

Third, the Ambassadors themselves determine the budget for their programs based on all the conditions of the competition (this is also spelled out in the document).

Я вот читаю многие комментарии в разных конкурсах и большинство только ноют и вечно чем-то не довольны. Но все проходит после тщательного изучения вопроса.

Если бы Вы хорошо прочитали условия конкурса и присутствовали в чате для Амбассадоров: Telegram: Contact @GCCG_Ambassadors_contest то у Вас бы не возникало таких вопросов.
Contest: Free TON Ambassadors (Stage 1: Ambassadors Selection) - #14 by Kolman

Во-первых, каждый Амбассадор, чья заявка будет проходной, получит 500 токенов (приветственный бонус). Их он может потратить на свои первоначальные расходы.

Во-вторых, на Этапе 2 будет описана возможность поэтапной награды за часть поделанной работы Амбассадором. И об этом писалось в вышеупомянутом чате:

Ваш Telegram юзернейм @Nik009rus и я Вас в этом чате почему-то не нашел.

В-третьих, бюджет Амбассадоры на свои программы определяют сами исходя из всех условий конкурса (это тоже в документе прописано).


Thanks for the emphasis. All will be taken into account when voting

Здравствуйте, уважаемые форумчане!
Рада представить заявку на конкурс “Фри ТОН Амбассадоры”.

90 day program may be divided in 3-4 KPI stages so after successfully completion of 1st stage of KPI, ambassador can request payment for completed KPI so that he can further invite more new members and can work in a frictional pace.

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Hello everyone…
My submission in PDF.
Telegram username: @Alex770
TON Surf Wallet address: 0:361bd3d1f366aaeba3b056e3a24beb8e0a0545edc67a78b2b10ce21a1344b4b2

:cricket_bat_and_ball::gem:Ambassador Program Motivation​:gem::cricket_bat_and_ball:
Before inviting people from any region to the Free TON, it is very important that what their heart and mind say and what they are interested in doing?

Being an Indian, I can understand the trend here very well and one of them adopted trend here is cricket.

:trophy::balance_scale:Total KPIs & Rewards​:balance_scale::trophy:
:dart:Total KPIs : 2000+ Real Users
:gem:Total Reward : 87996+1(gas)=87997
:date: Duration : 90 Days
:+1:Impressions : 50000 - 100000
:balance_scale:There will be guaranteed 2000+ real users and proposed budget is even less than that of a single contest.

More Details are here🏏

Free TON India :india:


Sorry submission 7 posted by mistake
This is an application for another contest :slight_smile:

Hello there, I am glad to submit my application for participation in the ambassadors selection contest.
My submission in PDF
Telegram: @Jerrys2
TON Surf Wallet: 0:998a66bfd51db6bac6ef168f34c93032b08f9a0920fe074458d6421e967acdc6



My revised submission in PDF

Although in the proposal of stage 1 the budget is optional, however, as (an admin of the SG group) asked us, we revised and resubmitted our proposal in which we have put a section for budget and changed the KPI section a little bit so that now we have focused on bringing new members to the forum and surf (verified by a Google form) instead of a telegram group.

Please ignore my previous submission (Submission #2).

Thank you

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Hello everybody!

With great pleasure I submit my application. It is number 10.
Don’t hesitate to ask me about my proposal!

Telegram: @Zvagolya
TON Surf Wallet: 0:4a1eace1b9fdee93bb96f60bd69e5a03e8955c5f14a34e7f094cd44bccd18a40

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Hello, Free TON community!
I want to participate in Ambassadors Selection Contest!
Telegram: +380955047732
My wallet: 0:568465fcbf6a5ff8f7faf279452fb093a1580f0cb6d023fe25f9ea90409d132f

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Hi All,
I was the highest score in the Country Ambassadors for FreeTON stage1 contest.
My team submission in pdf.
Good luck all.
Telegram :

Hello everyone,

I reviewed all of the submissiones for Ambassador selection contest. As far as I know, the budget should be requested upon obtained results and KPIs. However, some submissions requested the budget based on the Actions & Activities. As you know,

"the efficiency of actions and activities can be assessed just by guaranteed outputs"

For example, you can see one sample below. As an expert in the field of marketing and promotion, I should say that this is not a right way for ambassadors’ work at all.


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