Free TON

Contest: Free TON DeFi Jury Selection 1.1

Perhaps this is the best candidate from the declared! I know firsthand about this man’s impeccable reputation.


Fantastic idea and I fully corroborate it.

Dear contestants who missed the oportunity to join the Jury at step 1.1, please use your chance in 1.2:

How to put a link to the forum in the submission that needs a link to the submission… hm.
Anyway here is my submission:

PubKey == 6ff322ad669dfad2f396b98bdc8690cc49926f6a10cd7f10d07f031841cf09ef
Wallet == 0:583228a98701dea50703b10b797e7e43a270b6172f5223b10ca877b0adaed702

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