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Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9]

And again we will get new topic after contest end about rewards?

6 likes, for what? Contest proposal: Free TON landing page

The rewards won’t change as far as I got it. My mistake, I guess - focused on the text and idea and missed on studying the awards amounts in comparison with other contests :frowning:

May be create proposal before contest start for rewards change?


I agree with you we can invite many talented people

Hi all!

@Stanislav has created a separete topic for correctiong of prizes for this contest. Please, like and comment here - Proposal: Amendment for Contest Rewards "Free TON landing page"

I’d say that this might be an issue - creating a landing page is a much more complicated tasks when compared to stickers, thus, the rewards should be higher. Lets discuss.


Да можно пожалуйста разъяснить , нужны просто исходники в psd или ai , или надо готовую html страницу, или нужно вообще залить на домен?

Sources (layered with vector objects placed) only. HTML etc is not the part of this contest.

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May I use other languages (not English) for landing page or English is preferred?

Add please to the first post, please


@Roman_D, plz, add the submission guidelines to the original post - see links above. Thanks!

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I’d suggest using English as part of the jury members don’t speak Russian.

Hi can you clarify please.

Are only psd and ai files allowed or html pages are also valid.

As a personal case I can tell you that I am good with html rather than designing.

Will html submission also valid ?

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Added already, thank you!

It would be tough to use your work if it is decided to compile a page from different submissions. I think that the layered doc is essential - but who knows, the jury will decide.

@Roman_D @Grigoriy2000

Can you guys provide some clarification ?

Is HTML submission will be allowed or rejected out right by juries

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Please explain what is “an entry point for traffic”? We only implement design, no HTML code.

What about mobile version? I think, it must be!

You can add some animation and interactive in HTML. Static Photoshop file vs interactive HTML is not fair.

The point is not to create design just for design but bare in mind that on next stages the page might be converted into HTML, thus, it should be easy to use when traffic comes. This contest is not about ‘art for art’ but to gather ideas which can be used in building ‘official’ Free TON landing page.