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Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9]

Yes. Jurors have voting rights but they should use it fairly.

Great news! I can’t wait for Governance 2.0 but what will happen to submissions until then?

I wish we could have ability to response jurors’ comments like we can in Telegram contests. We can’t even defend ourselves in our submissions.

A juror’s bad comment affect all the other jurors’ comments and scores.


First of all, no one is going to give you the juror’s identities. That can lead to danger for the jurors. This is a decentralized blockchain that does not reveal privacy of its members. That’s Free TON’s strength.

Second, no one is going to tell anyone what they should do and how they should vote. That is everyone’s individual right. You have your opinion, others have theirs. You think some of the work is great. I looked at some of them. There are a lot of horrible submissions. But that’s it. It’s an opinion. Not everybody has to share yours.

What you’re asking for is that your opinion should somehow count more or better than others. Think about what you’re saying.

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Everyone thinks that his work should be given 10 points. But let be realists. If you have some proof that the juror did it special, make a topic and explain it why it happened, etc. It’s a decentralized community, every juror has his own opinion.

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You made me laugh so hard!!!

Jurors should hide themselves cause it’s a decentralized blockchain???

What about validators who should do KYV? Aren’t they a part of the same blockchain???

What about people who sign declaration of decentralization and should reveal their full name, email and country? Aren’t they a part of the same blockchain???

What about participants who should put their Telegram username in the submission? Aren’t they a part of the same blockchain???

So you say jurors should hide themselves by default!!!
Why then?
Is it world war 3???
Or some spy game???
Or because they know they’re going to ruin submissions???

If a juror is going to judge fairly, doesn’t fear of being known.

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As far as I know, the validators were passed KYV by an independent Swiss company GMG, it does not in any way disclose the identity of these validators to anyone in the community, it doesn’t matter whether it’s administrators or jury or so on.

Does it mean that we’ll have no jurors in Gov 2.0 ? And everyone from the community will be able to vote ?

Yes, right. Everyone with coins can vote


Cmon guys, its not sirious to my application #10
I spend a week nearly without a sleep and you cant wait a little bit? In time when other juries havent any problem with previeving?

I am disappointed with such jury member.

I just cant realize, if you haven’t time or get some troubles, why not to abstain?


Jurors who have voting rights have abused their rights by demeaning most of the submission. I worked on my landing page design for almost 6 days straight and 5 jurors have said that I just cut pasted it from other templates and my work is not original. If they are so confident that I have copied it why did not provide any proof? I am a professional UI/UX designer and Web Developer thought who thought of participating in the contest only to realise that jurors are only supporting their friends’ submissions and these contests are already fixed. Totally disappointed.


I think this is very valid and important concerns. That is why I personally push as hard as I can to switch to Gov 2.0 system ASAP. I would like to personally invite you to join the Gov 2.0 (DGO) Sub Governance and participate in the work there to ensure we have addressed all the points you are making. IMO we have started something very important and very hard to implement. We are growing and what we are witnessing now is the result of this growth. If anyone here thought all parties will be honest – this is very naive. So now we have first attempts to break our system. Our system is not perfect therefore these things can happen. What we really need is talk about it, redesign it and fix. Try, see where it does not work again and try again. This is not a one day job.
Please join the DGO group with this link:


Abstain is worse, because you get nothing in such case.(0 pts vs 3 pts)

Abstaining is not counting as a vote, if I right understand

Thanks for being realistic & logical as always. Free ton needs more heads like you.

Maybe the judging process will be more fair this way. Till then)

I think you are a confused individual who is just upset that your submission wasn’t as good as you imagined it was.

  1. KYV for validators is to make sure there’s no collusion and Free TON doesn’t have that information. It’s provide by an independent 3rd part service provider that cannot share it.

  2. People who sign the DoD can provide any email they want and any online ID of their choosing. There is no requirement to provide their real name. You failed at paying attention. Re-read the DoD. For instance, is your real name Mooni? Get the picture? Free TON collect NO personal data, ever.

  3. Jurors lives can be at risk if some crazy person (not naming any names here) decide they aren’t happy with the results.

  4. A Telegram user name is a Telegram user name and it is put into the submission to verify that it is their work. There is no danger of harassment there, because you aren’t judging anything. You are submitting.

Your arguments are rather poorly formulated and aren’t really arguments at all. I think you are just angry, because you thought you had a genius submission and it turned out that this may not be case.

I mean I understand. Everyone has a right to believe in themselves and in their work, but others have an equal right to disagree. Trying to insist that you’re right and a whole bunch of others are wrong just seems bullheaded to me. Perhaps you should take a moment, read the feedback, reflect on it, and adjust, because apparently your perspective and judgment of your own work is off a bit.

In fact I can prove this. What was your submission number? I’m not a juror, but I’ll take a look and give you my absolutely honest opinion, including very constructive feedback not limited to any X characters, and will also provide you with a pretend score of how I would have rated it if I were a juror, and let’s see if you can likewise handle constructive criticism. Very simple.

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Congratz to Free TON landing page Contest winner!


Congratulations to the winners of the contest! Where can I view the leaderboard?


You see? This is the difference between someone like you & someone like Mitja. OK i’m confused, crazy and angry but i think it will take a long time for you to manage a discussion like Mitja.