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Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9]

Add please to the first post, please


@Roman_D, plz, add the submission guidelines to the original post - see links above. Thanks!

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I’d suggest using English as part of the jury members don’t speak Russian.

Hi can you clarify please.

Are only psd and ai files allowed or html pages are also valid.

As a personal case I can tell you that I am good with html rather than designing.

Will html submission also valid ?

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Added already, thank you!

It would be tough to use your work if it is decided to compile a page from different submissions. I think that the layered doc is essential - but who knows, the jury will decide.

@Roman_D @Grigoriy2000

Can you guys provide some clarification ?

Is HTML submission will be allowed or rejected out right by juries

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Please explain what is “an entry point for traffic”? We only implement design, no HTML code.

What about mobile version? I think, it must be!

You can add some animation and interactive in HTML. Static Photoshop file vs interactive HTML is not fair.

The point is not to create design just for design but bare in mind that on next stages the page might be converted into HTML, thus, it should be easy to use when traffic comes. This contest is not about ‘art for art’ but to gather ideas which can be used in building ‘official’ Free TON landing page.

Mobile/tablet versions are a part of the HTML process. Though, you can add them to your submission if you wish.

You can do it yourself as well ))) You are moderator :sweat_smile:

No. Mobile design is different. Mobile layout, sizes, interaction with controls… all are different. It need work. In a lot of moments you can’t just change CSS.

Mobile is 60% of world traffic. Mobile > Desktop. Why do not start from mobile version? Why mobile not part of contest? “Mobile first”.

This contest is more about ideas that can be used later.

Mobile first vs desktop first is not the subject of discussion at this point.

Plus, the contest is ongoing already.

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Здравствуйте! Подскажите это лэндинг или так же нужно делать форум? Или форум отображается только в меню и ссылка может вести уже на действующий форум?

Hello there! Tell me this landing page or just need to do a forum? Or is the forum displayed only in the menu and the link can lead to an existing forum?

Landing only. No links are needed at this moment as it’s a design (not html) contest :slight_smile:

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For which domain name do you plan to use the design? Will it be ?

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I think Validators Nodes World Map
from this contest: Contest Proposal: Validators Nodes World Map Visualization [05 october 2020 - 06 november 2020]
also needed for landing, It will be good, If someone add leafletjs style to this contest, some time or other, map like this appear on site.

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Please, read comments to get the idea of the contest