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Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9]

Hi all!

Posted my view on Free TON landing page to

Let the strongest win! Good luck to all paticipants!

My TG is @maria_romanova_art

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I like the design, its minimalistic

@Azboo Thank you, that was the idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Uploaded Free TON Landing design on
My Telegram: @krisb_design


I would like to know, and the works that will be announced later it will be possible to see what the judges vote for? Well, in general it is interesting to know what works are involved

Yes, the submissions become viewable when the contest closes. So, you will be able to see other works and number of votes/points.

Dear TON-Team!

Should we think a lot about content now, does the uniqueness of texts on the landing page matter? For this contest

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Of course, you should think about content. Just having a nice picture which lives in vacuum is not a good idea. This is why approximate site structure is offered in the text of the contest - you can change/add something. And compile some good texts - this will make sure that your work is of great value and most likely receive high votes.

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Hi, everyone!
Posted my work to the contest.
Good luck to all.

tg: @cogscides


Hi Jury Members,

I have submitted my work for Landing Page Contest.

Submission No.11

Telagram Id : @am_kira


Hello! My name is Stanislav
Telegram: @anvme
A little preview of my work here. Full link available in PDF only
My submission #12


The site with all the necessary information is very convenient as a single entry point.

you have a link to the application instructions does not work

I asked too this in community chat

Would be good to have this guidelines pinned on main contests page, imho

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Participating in the contest for the first time. When I clicked on the Submission button, it is asking me these details:

  • Free Ton Wallet Address
  • Ton Surf Wallet Address
  • Submission Link on
    I have a few questions. Please help me.
    Q1. Aren’t free ton wallet and Surf wallet are some? How do I get free ton wallet address and surf ton wallet?
    Q2. Which submission link from do I have to put in this?

Please help me out, guys.
Thank you

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Greetings! My name is Alexander
Telegram: @temofab
Link is available in PDF
Заявка №13

Hi there! My name is Nikita
Uploaded your vision of the landing page Free TON on

My Telegram: @GDSGN

  1. Free TON wallet you can get from Surf app, actually I don’t found any Surf wallet in app :smile:

  2. Forum submission link to your post here. You can find a link icon on the bottom right side of the comment.

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I understood about the form submission link and getting Ton Surf Address from Surf app but did not understond the Free Ton Wallet Address and how do I get this. There are three things which are required during submission. Please check the image image.

Hi there! My name is Anastasya
My Telegram: @Less_Morren