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Contest: Free TON project news and educational websites

Ребят зачем писать каждый раз статьи на вольную тему, может продуктивней собрать и систематизировать уже написанные работы, за которые уже заплачено и выбраны лучшие в ранних конкурсах!

I think such contests should regular and it should reward permanently supported website but not created for contest only with the idea to drop it afterwards. Moreover it will be a good idea to support developer oriented websites as well.

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Contest is always a contest since everyone can participate, but I agree with comments above that number of publications was increased to an unreasonable figure. I would propose to decrease it and add some requirement regarding website loading speed. Also it will be favorable for participants to prolong contest period.
My amendment version is the following:

Proposal amendment: Free TON project news and educational websites


Current amendment is aimed to ensure the creative approach to covering Free TON news, events and personalities. The perfect solution for enriching the network’s ecosystem with a variety of publications is to ensure a balanced threshold for both existing and future sites and blogs - both from the point of quantity and type.

Proposed amendment

  1. Quantity of articles

Current formulation:

Number of publications related to Free TON:

● 1 point - 50-100 publications;

● 2 points - 101-200 publications;

● 3 points - 201-300 publications;

● 4 points - 300+

Proposed formulation

Number of publications related to Free TON:

● 1 point - 30+ publications

● 2 points - 60+ publications

● 3 points - 100+ publications

● 4 points - 150+

NB: unique publication is considered to be an article in English with text minimal size 1000 letters with spaces. Translation to other languages should be considered as an additional benefit and gives one point by Jury.

2. Content & site quality

Additional requirement

● Load speed (Google Page Speed): Score >50 both for desktops and mobile

Submissions with score <50 should be rejected

3. Contest dates

Current formulation

May 01, 2021 — June 01, 2021 (at 23:59 UTC).

Proposed formulation

May 01, 2021 — June 15, 2021 (at 23:59 UTC).


I hope we will have several regulary supported websites as well as a result.


I agree that there should be a minimal limit for a number of characters in an article which should be counted for the purpose of this contest. Also proposed it in an amendment.

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I agree this modification. It clarifies conditions, but anyway I guess, that some teams already working on the project. I hope, that this contest will increase the quality of the information environment around Free TON and create healthy competition between the content teams.

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We are presening the Free TON House magazine website for the contest. We fully satisfy the criteria of the contest. We are focused on long-term work for the Free TON project.
FTH submission


Hello :slight_smile:
Our submission is №5
Our work:

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Meet the TON.TIPS :tada:

It is an open publishing platform for everyone. Now you can easily introduce your Free TON based projects just by posting an article about them on
:bulb: We also want to provide quality educational content. There are some developers and user guides about how to start with Free TON.
:star: Our mission is to make information more accessible. Our main goal is to develop the community and attract more people to Free TON.
:sparkles: During the creation of the Waifuston, we had to study a lot of material and deeply get acquainted with Free TON. So we want to share our knowledge and allow everyone to express their experience.

Read more in PDF (submission 6)


Hello! GramKit team is happy to present a submission.

GramKit is not just a blog website, but also a whole search engine for Free TON, so you will find not only articles from our team on the website, but also materials from other resources

List of all unique articles:


Wallet: 0:d80891935296065727767a879d0981c2bbda4bfe31309f6e6e947e8e90f067d5

About us


Привет! Команда GramKit рада представить свою заявку.

GramKit — это не проcто сайт-блог, а целый поисковик по Free TON, поэтому на сайте вы найдете не только статьи от нашей команды, но и материалы с других ресурсов

Список всех уникальных статей:


Кошелек: 0:d80891935296065727767a879d0981c2bbda4bfe31309f6e6e947e8e90f067d5

О нас

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I present to your attention - FREETON.GURU

Application uploaded successfully :white_check_mark:

Good luck to all :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover:

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Free TON Zone team is happy to present our submission.
Our work:

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Hello everyone!
I am glad to present you the project

The doc with links to the each article in English TON News - articles - Google Docs

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Added my application, good luck to everyone

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I sent! good luck to all!!
p.s Application 13 updated with a link!

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Our team participates in the contest. Details in PDF

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