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Contest: FreeTon StableCoins Architecture & Design

Contest Prolongation: FreeTon StableCoins Architecture & Design

General description

Because of the long holidays after Christmas and New Year, not everyone had a chance to join and prepare for this contest. Let’s give more people the opportunity to join this contest, and therefore increase the number of good submissions! Because of this, we propose to extend this contest until January 21, end of day UTC.

New dates

December 14, 2020 - January 21, 2021, 23:59 UTC

Procedural Remarks

This proposal does not propose to change the rules, only the dates.

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The contest was extended, you have two days to publish your works:


Please check my submission.
My Telegram: @random_crypto

Please check my submission.
My Telegram: @Vatic (Telegram: Contact @Vatic)
Profile - vatic - Free TON
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Weblink to WhitePaper on google doc: WhitePaper Free TON StableCoin LibreCash 1.0 - Google Docs

Discussion group for the submitted “WhitePaper Free TON LibreBank”: