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Contest: Influencers Subgovernance Jury Selection (END Jan 11, 2021, 23:59 UTC/GMT)

Telegram username: @blizneccripto
TON Surf Wallet Address: 0: cf58823ad7362111129711b6529a690ed7aaeed9d334397885c21c1eb4aee548
Forum name: @Bliznec

I am glad to join the project as a full member of the jury. I have active Facebook and Linkedlin accounts with 1000 and 4000 subscribers. The data is attached in pdf format. format.


Hello friends)
My submission in PDF
Telegram: @Khellga
Free TON forum username: Khellga
TON Surf Wallet address: 0:3e79d4a7b4061bb8d618b55f94de80387779f7cfdf1809dad82ae5b6b3c45ec0


Hi all,
my submission in pdf.
Telegram :


Hi guys, my name is Yevhenii. I worked at Norwegian Cruise Lines for the past 3 years as a sales and revenue supervisor. My passions are : Investing, Fitness (I finished London fitness School in 2017), Travelling(34 countries), DeFi( I’m a big fan of the Maker), Sales & Marketing.
I would like to become one of the jury members at FreeTon.

I started my crypto-journey back in 2017. Also I remember my feelings when I first time locked my Ether in Maker and made my first DAI. It was MAGNIFICENT folks, I was happy as kid who just tried candy for the first time.

For me main strength of FreeTON is that it can support up to millions transactions per second. For example Ethereum can only support 30 transaction per second. I see a really big potential in FreeTon.

I think we, as a human beings, completely lost our financial freedom in the past century. Main world forces (banks, government etc.) are stealing our thunder. They dictate their rules which are absolutely not profitable for us anymore. I believe in the Decentralization as a complete replacement of the current world financial system.

I’m ready to put my effort and invest my
resources in the FreeTon, in order to make it well known in the large social communities, not just between small groups of crypto enthusiasts .
For me decentralization its something what based on the principles of free speech, where people come first.

What are my strengths ?
-I have an work experience in a big international company with a people from all around the world
-I have a proffessional skills in sales and marketing
-I worked a lot with DeFi for the past year(Maker,Compound,Uniswap)
-I’m a travel blogger from 2018. My audience is international, there are people from more than 50 countries.
I have a 1600 followers on Instagram and 1k friends on Facebook. My social media are efficient, that means in Instagram my stories gets on avarage 1000 views and my post gets 1400 views.

I’m very honest, genuine and impartial person. And I think those are the most important criterias of a jury member.

Instagram: yev.gains
Facebook: Yevgeny Zemliansky

I have signed the Declaration of Decentralization.

Public Key -6b33f24bae809ee5c76b2b83556a4f7bfce5f98788066d778d0c60a10d59be3c

Wallet -

Forum username: Yev_genius

Telegram @yev_gains

Let’s go team, it’s time to change a game, sky’s only the limit !


Hello everyone,

Telegram: @fsdfsfsdf32
Free TON Wallet address:
My submission in PDF


My name is Nikolay Kotukh . I’m 37 years old.
Username in Telegram: @Zhytie_Moe
Free TON forum account: Kolman
My wallet address:
Public key:
I have degrees in economics and jurisprudence.
I have done various professional courses and trainings: financial trading; psychology of sales; “Action” style sales technology; economic cybernetics, etc.

My previous and current primary occupation:

  1. held the position of a regional business development manager;
  2. a regional head of a financial company;
  3. since 2017 – the provision of private legal and financial services.

Hobbies: active sports, tourism, information technology, stock trading.

I have been in the Free TON community since the launch of the network. I was among the first to publish my article about Free TON on the Ukrainian telecommunications portal (there is a signature at the end of the article).

I’m an active member of the forum and many official Telegram groups and Free TON channels. There is a topic in Contest Proposals. As a result of voting for my Proposal , many TON Surf testers were rewarded .

I participated in many Free TON contests.
I’m one of the 20 winners of the Country Ambassadors for Free TON Stage 1 contest . Stage 2, unfortunately, was never launched.
One of the 10 winners of the “Jurors efficiency analysis” contest .
One of the 10 winners of the “Recurring Efforts Acknowledgement Approach” contest .

I’m also a winner of jury selection contests and, accordingly, a member of the jury of such SubGovernances: Wiki SubGovernance, Analytics & Support SubGovernance, Ambassador SubGovernance (which no longer exists ) . My responsibility and fairness in voting in contests can be checked there at the wallet address, which is similar to the one listed in this submission.

I’m one of the initial members of the Global Community SubGovernance. The objectives and goals of our SubGovernances are very similar, so my experience and judging will be very helpful in achieving them.

You can also look at my draft contests that have been accepted and launched:
TON Surf testers reward for the beta testing period (STAGE 2) ;
Free TON Ambassadors (Stage 1: Ambassadors Selection) ;
Crypto Quest: “Free TON 2021 - Try your luck after 2020” ;
Global Community SubGov – Jury Selection (I see that you borrowed some paragraphs from this contest for your own contest, which I am very happy about).

My professional experience was directly related to analytical skills, working with large amounts of data, the ability to establish business and partnerships.

I fully understand the goal and mission of the jury and also totally share the very idea of Free TON. Therefore, I’m ready to devote my time and efforts to studying, analyzing, interpreting, voting and providing qualified feedback on submissions.

As an additional example of my commitment, attentiveness, perseverance and fairness, the links to some of my comments on contests are attached .

I have experience of content creation (not in the sphere of crypt-currency) and its promotion for Russian and Ukrainian-speaking users ( YouTube , Instagram , Facebook ) - more than 1,000 subscribers in each.

For me, a decentralized community is a voluntary association of participants through the conduct of community activities with absolute equality of all these participants. It is a community in which the principles of meritocracy function.



My submission in PDF
Wallet address:
Public Key:
Telegram: @yudinao


Hello, Free TON community!
I want to participate in Influencers Jury Selection Contest!
Telegram: +380955047732
My wallet: 0:568465fcbf6a5ff8f7faf279452fb093a1580f0cb6d023fe25f9ea90409d132f


HI! Sent all information in submission!

Really want to become part of the Jury team and help the community!

Good luck to all participants!

Telegram: @soundsond

Wallet address: 0:b2f7b29780ef96edfdce3fccb0b36787b2c5d0c10a9c0de728b527bf49c4df60

Public key: 080d90d8f1cae7024cfbf6b8ed80be93962e9ca2809917fe7c358d5506d225c4


Telegram: @asya_tolm
Мой Surf адрес:

My submission in PDF


Hi, My submission in PDF

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Do you assess the usefulness of a person for our project solely based on the number of posts he wrote on this forum?
Now THIS is really funny.

We are looking for fresh blood for the new jury, a somebody’s background in the crypto world is more important for us than a lot of posts on the forum.


Tell the fairy tales to someone else.
A new person on the forum will not even immediately find where to upload the application.
And someone’s second account - I completely believe it.

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Ты чудак, ну зачем для жюри второй аккаунт? - Здесь же многие инишиалы и не только участвуют в 5-6 жюри других СГ, совершенно легально, ибо это не запрещено!


Это ты у подобных кабановской группировки спроси, зачем им мульты, родственники в жюри.

Is the following statement still relevant? - “Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute TONs to US citizens or entities.”


Yea, it’s the policy of the community

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I wonder how many more juries will vote? I calculate my chances хихи)

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In theory, 3 more may vote, but in fact, they may not vote


I guess the reason is the issue with the previous TON issue had with SEC that is preventing Free TON from distributing TONs to US citizens. You will have to sign the Declaration of Decentralisation which includes your region and full names.