Free TON

Contest Proposal: Country Ambassadors for Free TON Stage 1: Ambassador Selection

In my opinion, It is better to express the “Stage 1: Ambassador Selection” in parentheses: Country Ambassadors for Free TON (Stage 1: Ambassador Selection)

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What about the other proposal on ambassadors?

/Contest Proposal: Free TON Ambassador Program Development

What is the relation between them? Why it doesn’t go for voting?

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The relation is suchlike:

I found this topic some days ago and there was no Contest Proposal for this issue, but just discussion and one option for the contest. I organized the Contest Proposal for the Ambassadors Program. And the author of this topic also made a variation of Contest. So now we got two of them.

I agree. We have to choose strategy for selecting ambassadors first and then go to selecting itself. The risk somebody will put the whole effort into the winning the contest, but not in the after-contest promotional, marketing work - is high.


Thank you! Very good idea !!!