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Contest proposal: DePR. Stage #2

My table has AND a question mark - that means that this is an assumption and not a proven fact. This is why, I offered the only solution (if one has a better one - you’re very welcome) that can prove the fact of direct contact.

As it is stated in my table, I’m ready to provide proof of editorial contact to all these resources.

I was entrusted with the right to be a judge in this contest and I tried to be impartial and evaluate the works according to the actual criteria. I appreciate for the team of CommVoice SubGov for the work done to create a table with the submissions.
To evaluate the publication, I used the following formula: SQRT(150000/Alexa rating of site of publishing). Posts that did not pass the Alexa 150,000 criterion or were published on social networks were discarded. Evaluation of publications on user content sites with publication rules ( were counted as 1. Evaluation of publications whose discrepancy with the original text is more than 10% - were divided by 3. The sum of all publications was used to get the total ratings of the works, which were then ranked by me.
I did not evaluate the quality of the articles, because according to the terms of the competition, it was assumed that the quality is determined by the signature of authorized members of the community.
There is the link to the counted table


That is absolutely NOT the way to judge I’m afraid. This is some made up formula that has no correlation to the contest instructions. Sad to see this kind of judging.

I encourage all jurors to NOT follow this example. It is blatantly incorrect.


:zap:Everybody please remember!:zap:

The jury votes in the contest in the interface Free TON Community
:memo:According to the following algorithm, there are only 5 possible places: for winners it’s 1st, 2nd, 3d 4th, 5th, and the rest are runners up.
These places will be manifested into votes on a scale of 1st place = 10 score, 2nd = 9, 3rd = 8, 4th = 7, 5th = 6, runners up = 1, red = reject.

@GeorgeN i’m afraid you did wrong this time, write this many many times but you did it and another most important fact you use formula which doesn’t related to contest instructions.

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If you refuse to provide communication with editorial staff to a trusted group, I am left to say that I believe your submissions are trying to cheat this contest. This is just my opinion, but I see no reason why an honest submission would be afraid of providing evidence.

This is my position. I think you are gaming the contest.

Ron… you keep on kidding, right? Community keeps on trying to explain this to you from different perspectives.

From just a common sense, down to major issues. You don’t seem to get it.

You keep on pushing 1 single participant’s (submiter #4 kabanov) demand on us.

"communications with editorial staff" is not a part of contest or contest Rules.

It’s the same as you would ask participants of any other technical contest to show communications between Developers and such!

No one tried to push any ideas like that on us before!

I don’t see any reasons for anyone to try to “provide evidence” or try to proof anything to you.
If you think someone is cheating or something is done against the rules. Then you go ahead and provide hard proof and such.

Instead of lobbying for 1 single submitter (who you know well).
Who was also caught cheating before by the COMMUNITY and kicked out of other subgovs, etc.

The one who is “trying to cheat” and pushing disinformation on us, breaking the rules of the contest is you.


The editorial board of the trusted group is not the editorial board of the site where you post the article. These are the ones who sign your article in DeBot

@MIchael_Kabanov how are this lucky guys?

@Lucifer offered his services in both parts of DePR.

Lucky :laughing: !? I wouldn’t have wanted to do the admin for this contest for twice the rewards. Bless @Lucifer for doing all this IMO

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Ahaha, thank you buddy) yes it was hot)

So community should to know who split and get more then 7000 TON for this ??? contest administrating.
Cannot pick up right epithet😉

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