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Contest Proposal: DeSupport 2020

Thanks for mentioning me! :slight_smile:
I sent my submission.
TG @ElsbethTheOne


Hello Dear All,
Thanks for letting me to participate in this contest,
My submission is in pdf,
TG and forum: @C_Support050


Thank you for mentioning me, I sent my submission :blush:


Thanks for mentioning me! :blush:
Submission in PDF
TG and Forum: @Artanovskaya


Hello All!
My submission is in pdf
TG @enbit88

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Thanks for nominating me.
My Telegram :@cryptoq11

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Hello! Thanks for the nomination. I participate


Thank you all, added my submission)) Wish all participants luck)


Тогда опять же надо вернуться к вознаграждению ранних последователей форума . Та же самая поддержка и развитие сети . А то получается все равны но кто то ровнее .

Why contest is ended before it’s deadline?
Totally unfair for Free TON supporters❗
Only 16 submissions are there for 30 prizes❕

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А потому что ! …

where is that discussion❓
Only 16 submissions for 30 prizes is the reality behind that discussion :exclamation:

Прошу тогда в список номинантов внести и меня А то как то нехорошо получается

I think I can find tens of contests with wrong forum dates. There are really lots of points of failure where dates could be changed: in latest draft that comes into contest proposal; in sub-governance discussions; at smart contract initialization; in additional prolongation proposals…
I’d say, forum dates are mostly wrong.

Free TON strives to make most decisions and solutions of problems to be on-chain. Everything other is subject to mistakes and human factor, like the dates you mentioned. You should check only against dates on website that takes on-chain date from contracts.

Still, if you feel that a lot of members missed their submissions, submit a proposal for prolongation.

P.S. Personally, I think that contest period is already too large for such simple submissions.


Download and check on-chain contest description pdf file carefully.
Every contest is drafted on forum first then go for voting and then activated on chain.
Any changes to drafted contest must be published on forum thread by creator itself.

By the way governance interface also contains a contest description pdf file, everyone should download and check this file also.

Dear you aren’t in the nominated members list.
Without passing stage1 you can’t submit a submission in stage2.
Hope jury will respect your work.

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Who sends you :question:
Irresponsible contest creator in Free TON history ever who doesn’t care for correct sensitive mistakes and update or notify community about the changes enforced.