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Contest Proposal: DeSupport 2021 Part I

This is one of the most usefull contest in Free TON, I think.

BUT, I don’t understant why this contest is not running under A&S subgovernance. In past DeSupport contest, such mistake was occurred and I reminded it.

Good luck to all contestants!

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I’d like to suggest @epidemia777 and @Alex077 as active forum administrators, ( ) who do a lot to promote.
And also active participant @dodmonitor who constantly shows activity in any suggestion.


I’d like to nominate Joydark, soluyanov and @bivanovsky



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Somebody nominate me please. I am an active forum user with a regular badge. :blush:

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Hello. I can nominate @freevgeny.

I’d like to nominate @AlinaKrt (TG alinakrt) @encipher (TG enbit88) @maximmuzychenka (TG maximmuzychenka)


My favorite is @bivanovsky. The history of Free TON knows perfectly well how much selfless work this person does for the entire community.

My nominations are for those supporters who are promoting free ton for its superiority over other blockchain projects.
@block @india and @Roman_D are my nominated members.

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I’d like to nominate @C_Support050 @Roman_D and @block for their efforts to support Free TON.


i nominate @Roman_D or @Utsav

happy to nominate @india @Roman_D and @bitjudge for their work to support free ton.

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I would like to nominate @Custler @Mecubo @Teiwaz
There are active participants in ft life👍

Hello. Please add @krasnodar_sky

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Более двух суток прошло с окончания этапа 1 и начала этапа 2. Так куда грузить заявку? ))

Конкурс еще не на голосовании, даты выбраны рандомно, как только конкурс будет активен, он перейдет во вкладку активные на


Благодарю за ответ. Thank you for your reply.

thanks for your attention to me

Конкурс уже закончился? Участие принять уже нет возможности?)

Is the contest over yet? Participation is no longer possible?)

Ещё не начался)

@Roman_D какие новости?

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