Contest Proposal: Free TON Christmas/New Year greeting card design

I have a funny situation, my materials are already being used in the official Telegram channel. I do not mind at all, I am even pleased, since I consider this a good indicator of my work. With which the judges do not quite agree. I hope that the judges understood that I passed all parts of the competition, but twitter blocked my account. Please be more professional.

My submission link
Free TON.Community post link


Hello, friends!
What about the contestant 238? The judges’ scores look strange from the contest rules:

Unique design, no templates or stock solutions

At the moment, there is a reaction from only three judges:

I sincerely don’t understand, the judges don’t know about GTA or… was everyone allowed to do this?)
Or the uniqueness in the crystal, which in this picture is not a crystal, but a diamond? :smile:

Let me explain - this is an image from GTA San Andreas (game)


Twitter Posts 1:
Twitter Post 2:
Twitter Post 3:

These are the cards I created. this is the submission:

Two persons have rejected the submission saying it’s a stock image. In just one submission I provided three greeting cards. The source file is also provided in the submission pdf and people says it a stock image for all the three cards. This was my first submission on freeton. I saw many submission where people literally have used pictures from the internet and wrote Merry Christmas and they have been awarded 8-10 points. One person commented that someone just morphed the head of a person from GTA and attached a ton crystal and he has been awarded 10 points.
Here’s what I have gotten!

All I took was the image of the moon. Apart from that everyone stole Santa/it’s sleigh/horses from websites like freepick etc. This was my first submission. I don’t know how people vote here? Can anyone vote on the submissions(I can see ‘Cast your vote Button’) or freeton has hired people from a design background to vote on the submissions. I request the people who are voting people do justice to the submissions. Very disappointed.


You can write about these works here. In Figma, such works are in a red frame. You can help search for plagiarism, I think so.
The contest rules state that:

Unique design, no templates or stock solutions

Above, there was a discussion about how red frames will affect the jury’s assessment.

Only the jury votes. Their list was in the discussion too.


lol…aren’t you ashamed to say such things?

Hi sir,
if we go by this, every submission can be labelled as plagiarized. Many things from any greeting card can be found online… as I mentioned.

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I suggest you try to understand the difference by looking at work number 15. Here is a screenshot for You.
(This is not my picture) What’s from Stock/Internet here?

The ratings are very different!


I uploaded one work 2 times (the first time I did not include all the necessary information)
Now I see that some judges have given points to submission №56 and some of them to №202.

Will the points be summed up?

No, it won’t be added.

Please add a comment on your Submission #56 stating to ignore this submission and correct submission if #202

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Submission 250 : (in the background there is a marry go round which stoled from here and marked as green )

Submission 254 : (santa with gift list reversed and it is marked as green )
by spending just 15 minutes i found these submissions to be plagiarised

It is marked in figma


Provide proofs (a link to the resource where the images are taken from).
The way it’s done here, for example.
This is FreeTon, that’s why it’s Free :slight_smile: Offer - everything should not be left without attention.

Hello, I recieved one more message about 239 and 254 submissions.

link to stock -санта-с-подарком-давая-список.jpg

Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 00.54.39
Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 00.54.10

watermark detected.

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Odd judging (Christmas postcard contest) guys, support and share this topic about odd judging in this contest pls!


Пока-что все выглядит довольно коррумпировано, оценки колебляться у 5-5.9 бала. Главное не пересекать шестерку) Так же, оценивание некоторых судей очень разнится с их коллегами, это как минимум странно…
Как по мне, данные ситуации убивают интерес сообщества к Free TON, которое и так достаточно слабое на данный момент.


скажу больше, благодаря таким судьям Free Ton, теряет интерес действительно крутых дизайнеров к сотрудничеству с собой. Ну ничего страшного не вижу, FreeTon не единственный проект где по достоинству могут их работы оценить, и вознаградить за проделанную работу!


The same problems in every competition. There is no influence on either the judges or the process in general. Perhaps there is no point in waste your time on contests.

I agree with one judge if we apply it to WD contests


Я конечно понимаю, что это конкурс…но как такое может случиться, что почти к самому завершению конкурса, появляется судья,который всем перспективным работам ставит 1 без адекватного пояснения?! У меня таких 4 работы и все срезаются именно этим судьей


Это лучший судья которого я когда либо видел!


I suggest not to flood here, for this Mister there is already a separate topic. Just click here

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