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Contest Proposal: Free TON Positioning Essay [Sep 24, 2020 – Oct 1, 2020 end of day UTC]

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3 answers why you need Free TON

#1 Free TON is freedom of speech — freedom in a decentralized community, where everyone can suggest any idea, discuss it, and then bring it to life. The Free TON community helps its members, even if they don’t have technical skills, someone might volunteer to help you with this. The benefits of decentralization.

#2 It’s the privacy of your personal data. We are living at a time when we hear every day about data leaks, data collection by “evil corporations.” Free TON gives Freedom. For example you, no need to deanonymize yourself or, on the other hand, you can do so if you’d like.

#3 Unblockable. The reality of modern life in countries like Russia, Belarus, and China is that the government has increasing control over how information is shared online and to the public. If, tomorrow, you became a public enemy #1, you would not be able to use your bank card or access to cash. In a decentralized crypto community, this couldn’t happen. No boss here!

Telegram and Pavel Durov, who invested not only resources, but also a part of their souls in this project, which by evil fate was forced to recognize it as unfinished. And the true spirit of freedom simply cannot be killed.

Why? The answer is simple:

— Why, Mr. Anderson? Why, why, why? Why do you do it? Why? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you’re fighting for something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom or truth?! Perhaps peace?! Could it be for love?! Illusions, Mr. Anderson, vagaries of perception! Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose! And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love! You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson! You must know it by now! You can’t win! It’s pointless to keep fighting!

Why, Mr. Anderson?! Why?! WHY DO YOU PERSIST?!

— Because I choose to.

Community made this choice.

What is the difference between Free TON vs Ethereum/other blockchains?

Free TON is a blockchain of blockchains. Ethereum has been around for a long time. Its smart contracts are used almost everywhere, but the speed with which updates are released is low, Gas price is growing. Moreover, it is not rather a solution. The industry needs a breakthrough, but Ethereum cannot provide it.

In fact, Free TON is a conduit between the centralized Internet and the decentralized. Users have access to services: TON Storage, TON Proxy, TON Services, TON DNS, TON Virtual Machine. Free TON makes it possible to scale the network up to 1 million transactions per second, unlike Ethereum with 20 transactions per second and huge transactions on the network, Free TON has much greater capabilities.

Mass Adoption

Recent conflicts between developers and monopoly companies indicate that application sites need to be decentralized. By giving a commission of 30 percent, you are giving them to the company, and not improving your own product, the purpose of which is the user, because it is he who suffers first of all, receiving a lower quality product/service.

If you are a developer, in the Free TON you do not need to pay a commission to the company. No boss there!

The project has a skeleton, but in order for it to take on flesh and blood in its veins, it needs developers. Only thanks to them, the community will reach the application of TON in real life.

You decide what to do today!

Can you program? Or maybe you know how to create video clips? Or maybe you are a poet? Thanks to sub-governances in the community, you can create contests, participate in them and receive rewards. This gives everyone a huge opportunity to realize their potential in the project and make a contribution. Community management is a VC structure that rewards and subsidizes good ideas.

No tracks, no censorship

Every day including the phone, using Google search, you transmit huge amounts of data to analyze your actions, which can be used at any time. Especially if you are an enemy of the state, for one reason or another. It seems that only a terrorist or extremist can become an enemy of the state, but this is not the case. Anyone can get into the harvester of police brutality, no one is insured against it.

Free TON gives you the opportunity to get rid of these shackles and get control over your data again, in an age when every corporation or state is trying to get it from you.

Data about you won’t ever be collected in Free TON, the only owner of it is YOU!

This work was created by Alexander Chernov.

My Telegram ID @tugt45



Free TON is new cool future of Internet

It is fast, secure, private and made for freedom.

People have always been interested in the question of how to secure their money and their information. Until now there was nothing suitable for all 100%. And now we have Free TON - this is the fastest existing blockchain. And what is this? - You could ask. I’ll explain now.
Literally translated, the blockchain is a continuous chain of blocks. This chain contains records of all completed transactions in chronological order. And these records can neither be changed nor deleted, as in a regular database. Those if you recorded in the blockchain that 10 potato bushes have grown in your garden, then even if the number of bushes become smaller, for example, they have dried up, then the blockchain will still contain information that there are 10 bushes, with the only difference that a new record will appear with information about how many bushes have dried up.
And blockchain is secure because it is a distributed ledger technology, that is, the entire chain of transactions and the current list of owners are stored on their computers by many independent users. Even if one or more computers fail, the information will not be lost. That is, if you put money there and something went wrong, then in any case you will receive as much as you put. Its cool! No more “our bank has gone bankrupt”, “our startup has gone bankrupt”, “your money has been written off by the tax authorities as debts” and the like. Nobody can take your money without your consent. Just a dream!
Let’s get back to Free TON. There are many blockchains now. Why exactly it?
It’s simple – Free TON is the fastest of the existing ones. For example, the well-known Bitcoin can produce 4.6 transactions per minute (a transaction is a deal, the transfer of assets from one person to another). Not badly you say. Visa - makes about 1,700 transactions per second. Better! What do you say if I tell you that Free TON can produce a million transactions per minute? It’s just awesome! Everyone knows the situation: you came to the store, chose what you wanted, went to the cashier, held out your Visa card and then the cashier told you: “you need to wait until the payment is processed” and you are all waiting and waiting and waiting… And with the Free TON this will not happen. Came, saw, paid - perhaps even on the way to the checkout.
Another important difference is that Free TON is a truly decentralized blockchain. It was created this way. There are not so many decentralized blockchains in the world of cryptocurrencies - these are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Decentralized means not subordinate to one owner. In the blockchain, the owner register is not stored on the server of one company. Its copies are simultaneously updated on many independent computers connected via the Internet. As a result, in the blockchain, registries with data on asset owners cannot be forged. After all, this data is stored on the computers of a huge number of network participants. This makes it truly safe.
Free TON is the most flexible blockchain. It is initially focused on smart-contracts (program code that can be adapted for any purpose). Basically, it doesn’t store anything else. Everything that is in Free TON is smart-contracts, even users’ wallets are programs that accept, issue or send money at the request of their owner.
Free TON is the most compact blockchain. Fifth was chosen as the programming language for storing contracts, which, due to its stack architecture, saves up to 40% of space in the blockchain compared to other programing languages based on registers.
Free TON is the most economical blockchain. Transaction fees are less than 0,001 of crystal, which is hundreds and thousands of times less than the fees in the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.
Free TON is the most used blockchain in the future. Because programs for it can be written in any programming language: C ++, Solidity. Now Ethereum is in the first place in terms of the number of developed contracts. And all already written contracts for Ethereum can be compiled to work in Free TON as well.
Free TON is the most profitable blockchain. Crystal owners will be able to receive rewards by stacking their crystals to DePools. DePool is a smart-contract which guaranties that client will receive his crystals back with some reward because DePool used staked amount to support the live of the blockchain by making important decisions.
Free TON is the most promising blockchain. TON technology was originally developed under the leadership of Dr. Nikolai and Pavel Durov. The brothers’ previous projects were very successful: VKontakte, Telegram. There are great chances that Free TON, based on the TON technology, will also be very successful.
Free TON is supported by the best professionals. Many unique teams are involved in the development of the project, including the main one - TON Labs, which began to cooperate with the team of Dr.Nikolai Durov back in 2018.
Free TON is independent from any single development team. It has two independent implementations that work under the same protocol: an implementation in C++ from Dr.Nikolai Durov and an implementation in Rust language from TON Labs. They are supported by different independent but collaborating teams.
Free TON is the most democratic blockchain. All decisions are made through proposals and contests that are voted upon by community members. They use Soft Majority Voting (SMV) system, which allows to get a decision even with a low voter turnout.

Once everyone knows how cool Free TON is, the community will have billions of new users. Programmers get your keyboards ready - very soon there will be a lot of programs to write: wallets, exchangers, personal data stores, money stores and many, many others. Be ready!

A&D Novikov
telegram: @anovi


Hello everyone. Here is my vision of FreeTON positioning.

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With the advent of any new technology that is useful for all mankind, there are people who want to control it. Nuclear weapons, gunpowder, and the Internet. Nowadays, when you visit any site, you can’t be completely sure that your data is safe. The darknet platforms are full of confidential data of Bank clients, mobile operators ’ clients, and mail services. How to deal with this?

How to protect your life?

Back in 2009, bitcoin was born.

Many perceived the blockchain technology on which bitcoin was built only as a financial instrument. But there were also those who saw more in it. So the idea of Telegram Open Network was born. Technology that could protect people from universal surveillance, but which was not destined to see the light of day. Due to the SEC ban, the project was closed.

So there was a TON FREE.

FREE TON inherited absolutely all TELEGRAM OPEN NETWORK services.

Such as : TON P2P Network, TON Proxy, TON Storage, TON DNS, TON Validators,TON Payments, TON DHT,TON Hypercube Routing, TON Messages, TON Services.

Many people responded to the idea of continuing the TON project. After all, this project is built by the community, not by a separate group of people pursuing their own personal interests.

Free TON provides for the creation of anonymous-untraceable sites, based on the principle of i2p and garlic routing. You and I know that there are bound to be people who want to use this for evil. Freedom should be based on creation, not destruction.

With the Free TON Community running, where every participant has a voice, we can improve the technology at any time and try to prevent the use of the Free TON blockchain for criminal purposes. People are the most important thing in FreeTON.


Не знаю успел я или нет, но если не успел, то пусть будет вне конкурса, а просто для общего ознакомления. Для меня было главное донести идею, а не учавствовать в конкурсе

I don’t know if I made it or not, but if I didn’t make it, then let it be out of the competition, just for General reference.For me, the main thing was to convey the idea, and not to participate in the competition

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There was a bug in the interface and I have sent the submission few minutes later the timer. It was sent but I don’t see it’s in the list. Anyway, it was a interesting topic to think about and I hope it will be useful for others.

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Good result! 70 essays were submitted! I think it takes a time for the jury to check all the submissions.


It seems that submissions 60 and 61 from one person, this is not fair


It is possible to put as many submissions from one person as he or she can make. If those works will be the good quality he or she can take all the prizes theoretically. It was discussed many times in the community.

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Jurors should take attentions to duplicated submissions. Jurors personal view is more important to rate every submission.

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We can raise it again on Tuesday call if you want.
But it was said many times that if someone can do more, why shouldn’t we reward that?

Even if multiple submissions were restricted in contest proposal, it’s easy to submit it in like if it were done by different people

No issue here

Yes, option 1 participant - 1 application for the contest is logically correct. After all, this is a kind of competition (if the athlete who lifted the heaviest barbell participated several times, then he could probably take second and third places: just lift the barbell, which weighs a little less, but heavier than the opponents)
But this does not exist in nature.
In our case, the question of identification arises. That is, I think that such a rule would have been accepted long ago, but since there is an obstacle in this, so everyone says, well, we kind of thought about it and think that it does not interfere
In fact, I also have no answer to this question - how to implement it. In the modern world, this is only a small obstacle. Identification by documents? - a few bucks and some person will pass it for you. Activity identification? - this is also not an option - then probably a talented person who has no rights at the moment will not be able to participate.
it’s difficult

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