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Contest Proposal: Free TON Positioning Essay [Sep 24, 2020 – Oct 1, 2020 end of day UTC]

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It`s a Fantastic cyber-punk essay about the distant future, inspired by the films The Fifth Element and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

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Free TON Positioning Essay by Michael Shapkin @michaelshapkin

We live in the era of the digital world, social media and terabytes of data. And every day the amount of this data is growing rapidly. People download billions of applications around the world without worrying about how this data will be used, by whom and for what purposes. For many corporations, this data has become digital gold. New digital gold.

Free TON is not about that. Because Free TON born Free. You can use it absolutely safely. Nobody will collect or steal your data here.

But is it all really important to you? I think the answer is NO. Why? Because you just live your life and a lot of things are happening somewhere far away:

Edward Snowden, Wiki Leaks, collecting data about people, special services and surveillance of people, …

It’s all somewhere far away from you… isn’t it? As well as far from the majority of people living on the planet.

Free TON can give you the ability to safely store and transfer your funds anywhere in the world or using numerous services built on Free TON. But it seems to me that much more is needed!

What is it?

Free TON — it is a global decentralized platform where each participant can receive a reward for their contribution to the overall development of the network. Anywhere in the world in any language. Anytime. All you need is a mobile phone and Internet access. And you will be able to show your talents, find like-minded people, unite with people from all over the world and live the way you want.

It doesn’t matter who you are: a lawyer, teacher, driver, architect or a peasant — you can all use Free TON as a global ecosystem in which the principles of freedom and independence are valued.

Join us and we can make this world more free and fair! All the fun is just beginning!

You can invite your friends and acquaintances so that they can enjoy the opportunities that Free TON and free Internet provide. Where everyone has the opportunity to receive rewards for their contribution. It doesn’t matter who you are and what country in the world you live in.

Just a couple of weeks left and we will launch a global promotion of Fee TON around the world. We have prepared a welcome bonus for you so that you can become a part of us thanks to the mobile and browser application:

TON Surf: Blockchain Communicator

It is a completely secure application with data encryption. You can start your Free TON journey in the world of free internet and free software together with us.

Below I will leave for you the most relevant and useful information about the Free TON so that you can familiarize yourselves with it before joining our community around the world. We tried our best for you and want to share with you the best we have at this moment!

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Join Free TON — emerge the freedom!

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I just wanted to describe how the original TON and FreeTon are related and, of course, a little bit of background and most importantly why Free TON will truly be a global revolution.

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My essay about how to build something worthy of the pyramids of Giza but on the Internet? And can it be beneficial?

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Hi there! Brief analysis of the disadvantages of modern Internet architecture in terms of the OSI model and the advantages of Free TON as a technological basis for Web 3.0

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FreeTON - Freedom of Data & Wealth

:chains:FreeTON Blockchain

Free TON is a Permission-Less Public Blockchain having Smart-Contracted capabilities for Information and Data sharing. Free TON is launched by Free TON Community, an independent group of software developers, validators and users on May 07 2020.

Free TON is based on Telegram Open Network - TON protocol originally developed by Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov and they had to been discontinuous further development due to restrictions from United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

:chains:Blockchain Invention and Revolution :chains:

Posting their seminal whitepaper in 2008 and launching the initial code in 2009, Nakamoto created bitcoin to be a form of cash that could be sent peer-to-peer without the need for a central bank or other authority to operate and maintain the ledger, much as how physical cash can be.

While it wasn’t the first online currency to be proposed, the bitcoin proposal solved several problems in the field and has been by far the most successful version of crytocurrency.

The engine that runs the bitcoin ledger that Nakamoto designed is called the blockchain; the original and largest blockchain is the one that still orchestrates bitcoin transactions today.

:loop:Generations of Blockchain

  • First Generation Blockchain 1.O

Blockchain technology started as financial-technology in Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto created Genesis Block of Bitcoin on Jan 3 2009 with a message

The Times 03/Jan/2009
Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.
Nakamoto implements the first blockchain as the public ledger for transactions made using bitcoin.
The hallmark of first-gen blockchains is that they use Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm to validate transactions. In this group are also Bitcoin’s various clones and forks like Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

  • Second Generation Blockchain 2.O

After Bitcoin revolution some developer communities starts researching on blockchain and its use-cases. blockchain technology was separated from the currency and its potential for other financial, interorganisational transactions is explored.
Blockchain 2.0 was born, referring to applications beyond currency

The Ethereum blockchain system introduces computer programs into the blocks, representing financial instruments such as bonds. These become known as smart contracts.

Other blockchains include those that run the several hundred “altcoins” – other similar currency projects with different rules – as well as truly different applications, such as:
Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network, based on a public ledger.

Ethereum is the second largest blockchain implementation after bitcoin. Ethereum distributes a currency called ether, but also allows for the storage and operation of computer code, allowing for smart contracts.

  • Third Generation Blockchain 3.O

Third-generation blockchain platforms like Aion, Cardano, and EOS, introduced technology such as sharding to tackle scaling issues in order to cut down on cost and speed of transactions. These platforms also matured the distributed application capabilities of blockchain.

  • Fourth Generation Blockchain 4.O

Adoption is the key for any network success so fourth generation of blockchain should go above and beyond patching the deficiencies previous blockchains. It must introduce radical concepts and bring us closer to mass adoption by making the blockchain environment flexible and economical for enterprise, industrial and institutional use, and safe for consumers.
Microsoft’s Azure blockchain for enterprise solutions, R3’s Corda, Celo and Solana are the fourth generation blockchain projects.

:chains:Blockchain Use-Cases and FreeTON Revolution

Due to blockchain Data-Security features every data industry is now adopting blockchain technology for Data-Protection :closed_lock_with_key:

Various use-cases are already proven for a better future of blockchain due to its advantages in data handling and data sharing.

  • Data and Information sharing
  • Supply-chain management
  • Health-records
  • Land-records
  • Educational-certification
  • Content-Ownership control
  • Digital-Identity Management
    And now due to the ever increasing speed of data-scandals, awareness of data-protection rights is increasing all over the world and everyone is demanding a Internet of Freedom with a protection of data :closed_lock_with_key:

Free TON have End to End Encryption for Data-Protection and also have freedom of access to wealth through TON Crystals :gem:

Free TON have TON Crystals used as native currency to exchange services built on TON OS.

:gem:Free TON Fundamentals of Freedom

  • Free Market
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Censorship Resistance
  • Cooperation around the world
  • Smart-Contracted Trades

:chains:FreeTON Revolutionary features

  • :gem:End to End Encryption

Free TON secures personal data of everyone with a end to end encryption model and person having private keys can access data with censorship resistance. No one in world can intercept any data or information without private key at all.:closed_lock_with_key:

  • :gem:Smart-Contracted Transactions

Every transaction on FreeTON blockchain always executed through a Smart-Contract and we can also deploy a smart-contract with specific conditions met for transaction to execute.

  • :gem:Debots

Debots are the decentralized applications to be build on FreeTON blockchain protocol. Debots can serve various services to the users by directly interacting with Free TON blockchain.

  • :gem:User-Centric Distribution of TON Crystals

There are about 5 Billion TON Crystal tokens locked in three types of givers

  • Referrals Giver - 85% of total TON will be distributed to Free TON partners and users.
  • Developers Giver - 10% of total TON will be distributed to developers.
  • Validators Giver - 5% of total TON will be distributed to validators.

Supply of TON Crystals will be increased by 2% annually.
All TON Crystals will be distributed to the community for their contribution.

  • No Presale :no_entry_sign:
  • No ICO :no_entry_sign:
  • No IEO :no_entry_sign:

  • :gem:FreeTON Surf Browser

FreeTON Surf Browser is a open-source browser to interact with FreeTON blockchain. Anyone can create a surf wallet and store TON Crystals securely. In developer mode anyone can get free rubies to play with friends to test FreeTON capabilities.

  • :gem:FreeTON Discussion Form

Since FreeTON is Community-Powered and Community-Controlled blockchain so every member of community have rights to propose TON Improvement Proposal and rights to draft a Contest-Proposals for discussions on Free TON Forum.
After getting sufficient supports from community Contest-Proposal goes for voting and after soft majority it get approved as Active-Contest.

  • :gem:Community-Governed Contests

There is no Presale or ICO to buy TON Crystals. The only option to earn TON Crystals is to participating in Free TON Contests.
Developers, Validators and users can participate in their suitable contest by submitting their submission before deadline, then contest Jurors vote to every submission and grade them according to submission standard and quality. Prizes are distributed to the winners of contest as accordingly.

  • :gem:Freedom of Community-Powered Governance

All decisions regarding distribution of Free TON from Smart-Contracted Givers to the community are made through a soft majority voting system. Contest Jurors are also selected from community through Juror Selection Contest.
So FreeTON empowers every community member through

  • Freedom of accessing information

  • Freedom of proposing contests

  • Freedom of participating in contests

  • Freedom of contributing resources

  • Freedom to win rewards (Non-US residents only)

  • Freedom of data and wealth

  • Freedom of Borders

  • Freedom of Censorship restrictions

  • Freedom of trust in trustless environment

  • :gem:Freedom of Crypto-Trades

We all know main usage of crytocurrencies is in trading and with about $90Billion daily volume. So security of these funds is most important deployment to be developed for every crypto-community.
Different cryptocurrency communities also noted several public cases where millions of dollars were either lost or put at major risk, including data breaches and centralized exchange scams or hacks costs billions of dollars that are lost annually. So smart contracted trades are much needed blockchain feature in peer to peer crypto-exchange. So Free TON smart-contracted Crypto trades will be a revolution in crypto-trading.

  • :gem:Freedom of Programming to create Smart Contracts

The majority of today’s blockchains develop their own domain-specific languages (DSLs) for security reasons. As such, they are complicated to use and either hinder or delay technology sharing. From day one Free TON chose to use existing high-level languages.

  • :gem:Freedom of Scaling to millions transactions per second

Mostly blockchains have an issue of regarding scaling more transactions.

  • Bitcoin can handle an average 5tps
  • Ethereum can process on average 15tps
  • Ripple can handle upto 1700tps
  • Tron can scale upto 2000tps
  • Dragonchain can handle 15000tps on peak transaction speed.
    So scalability were the major issue regarding adoption of blockchain and crytocurrencies in daily life activities.
    But FreeTON solved this inbuilt since

FreeTON in actual is a blockchain of blockchains and so it can be scaled upto millions transactions per second.

  • :gem:Freedom of Decentralization

FreeTON community is growing continuously and FreeTON community is going towards decentralization as fast as community growing and maturing.

  • :gem:Freedom of Future

FreeTON is currently in very nascent stage developing by decentralized community. As of most scalable blockchain many daily life services will be built on FreeTON blockchain and we’ll adopt Internet revolution to secure our data and wealth. FreeTON community have lot of excitement to build a better future of trades and information sharing. FreeTON is a blockchain with flexible features so it can be implemented in different industries for data management and trade settlements.


Bitcoin invented blockchain technology as a fintech but after that ethereum take blockchain technology a step forward to program transactions and build dapps on ethereum. Different generation blockchains have their different capabilities but FreeTON is an internet revolution. FreeTON is empowering every users of it through its revolutionary features like smart-contracted instant transaction settlement, low network fees, smart-contracted debots, community-controlled governance interface and freedom of Data-Protection and Wealth. In actual FreeTON is a freedom for every Internet users from centralized servers, government censorships, geographical inflations and data-breaches losses.
Everyone have a right to protect their personal data and right to access their wealth. In a distributed open network FreeTON everyone have a freedom-offering to achieve decentralization unanimously.
FreeTON is a Internet of Independents contributing to the network in a environment of freedom.

Every Internet user should be participate in this technology revolution after Internet itself. Trust everyone in a trustless environment :gem:

:chains: Author contact information
Telegram: @IndiaChain


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