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Contest Proposal: Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part I. Animated Stickers

Hello. You can also ask to extend the timing of the contest.

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@Roman_D he is right. I think we should correct formats for some of these 5 visual brand communication contests. (after dividing that contests into 5 contests it needs some modifications)

for example:
having SVG for the images for social media contest and memes can be useful because we can reuse and resize for different needed sizes but IMHO, we should let the designers to be free in choosing pixel or vector format (many many photo objects doesn’t have vector format and I have not seen a meme in vector) and to modify it like this:

  • jpg or png or svg format (the winners should provide non-rasterized open layered source files such as .psd, .ai or .cdr and preferably vector based files)

non-animated stickers don’t need SVG format.(stickers have a fixed size in telegram so no usage for resizing) I think it is better to modify it like this:

  • jpg or png (the winners should provide non-rasterized open layered source files such as .psd, .ai or .cdr and preferably vector based files)

as I know GIFs can’t have a SVG format so it should be modified such as:

  • gif (the winners should provide non-rasterized open layered source files such as .psd .aep or other used softwares)

in animated stickers, it should be modified such as:

  • .tgs format (the winners should provide non-rasterized open layered source files such as .aep or other used softwares)

not gif, .TGS final sticker file or After Effects project file .AEP

.TGS can be viewed by dropping to Telegram chat

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@Roman_D @Mitja @szaitseff @SkyAnn @XLR25t @roman.nguyen @p.prigolovko @eteslov @cryonyx @Grigoriy2000 :point_right: please tell your opinion before designs are submitted.

I think we should also explicitly determine how the designers should write the brand name.
FreeTON , Free TON , freeton , freeTON. we also had this problem in Contest: Decentralized Promotion (I have seen FREETON , Free TON, FreeTON, freeton, freeTon in the submissions) and even in FreeTON Twitter you can see different types of it in the Tweets and the hashtags!

in my humble personal opinion it should be FreeTON and #FreeTON as hashtag, like the word Freedom or the FreeBSD project and I explained completely in this topic :point_right: Pre-requisites before starting any kind of branding activity

if we write it with a space characer it will be similar to scam projects! and even some people may have a misconception about the word “Free” as gratis or complimentary and translate the word Free in their languages like in current Arabic telegram group title as I explained :point_right: here and :point_right: here

have you ever seen some one write Free BSD instead of FreeBSD!!!
we had a project called BSD and later some other projects derived from that and they are written as FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD. the story of the TON and FreeTON is the same.

anyway all designers must use the brand name exact the same.


Hello. On most community resources, the name is Free TON. I personally like FreeTON.


:pray: yes, thanks. we must decide one time forever.
if you take a look at the Contest: Decentralized Promotion you will see different types and it is so bad.
just as an example it is one of the submissions :point_down:

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IMHO Good tech brand = one word, though in the DoD we have Free TON
DoD is like a constitution, and in order to adopt amendments to it, a Community vote is required.

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My video , i can change to Free TON )
I’m so sorry I didn’t have time to issue proposals (((

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  1. we should clearly tell all the participants to use EXACT the same brand name (Free TON or FreeTON) to prevent those mistakes that happened in decentral promotion contest and other contents. so we should tell the contestants of these 5 contests in content specifications.
  2. yes I agree, it needs community vote. I am not a validator so I can’t submit a proposal. @XLR25t @Mitja @p.prigolovko would you please create a proposal to see the vote of the community about amendment of the brand name to the FreeTON instead of Free TON and the #FreeTON in hashtags
    in social medias we should concentrate on ONE hashtag
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Why only one? Have you seen how many different variations Bitcoin has?

I think it is a branding issue that exists in all the industries and having a visual consistency is one of the principles of every branding activities. :point_right:
when the people see visually similar contents of a brand, the brand awareness increase in their mind in a better and quicker way.
Satoshi just concentrated on the technology not the branding and the Bitcoin community gradually have created the contents it is the reason that Bitcoin doesn’t have visual consistency as much as usual companies.


Hi! Please try to clear your cookie or change browser it should help.

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Картинки не должны отличаться по смыслу и оформлению. Но некоторые визуальные отличия должны быть , чтобы не надоедать. На стартовом этапе это важно.

Images should not differ in meaning and design. But there should be some visual differences so as not to annoy you. This is important at the initial stage

Hello, here are my animated stickers for the contest. You can check them by this link:


Организаторы , пожалуйста проясните : анимированные стикеры нужны для Telegrama ? или для этого форума(, .
они должны быть оптимизированы и полностью готовы к загрузке в менеджер ?
или должны быть уже загружены в сеть (менеджер) и проверена их работоспособность?
В каком виде их выкладывать в эту ветку для обсуждения ? (в виде видеофайла?)

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Добрый день! Стикеры нужны в первую очередь для Телеграма. Победители должны будут передать исходники стикеров сообществу.

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Is it appropriate to make 1 submission to “animated stickers” and one more with the same static stickers to "non-animated stickers?
Can I participate in 2 categories with different stickers?

Where can I download vector graphics?

Hi! Yes, you can. You should create it.

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Hello, guys. Here are my animated stickers, hope you would like them.


Hello, Gregg! Maybe can you download them in Telegram channel and share it here?

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