Contest Proposal: Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part II. Gifs

here are my works for this contest:

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

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all of my GIFs are uploaded in the link below:

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Представляю вам свою работу:

I present my work to you:

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my GIF submission for this contest. I wish you enjoy it

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My gifs, I’m not a designer, but I try to made my gifs to win tokens for validation :grinning:


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our GIF files for this contest are in this link :

Since, many gifs are very similar to each other (display similar thoughts) and are reworking of existing gifs. We decided to make them in a different style so as not to repeat the work of previous participants. Do not judge strictly) I hope they will please you

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Here goes my gif pack (with sound). They more like a coubs / vines for YouTube.

Here is the link:

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TG: @UshakovKirill My gifs for the community and Free TON lovers :wink:


IMG_5721 (2)

Hello all! Here is my work

Please enjoy!

Uploading: FreeTon_7 (1).gif… FreeTon_6 (1) FreeTon_3_1 (1) FreeTon_5 (1) Uploading: FreeTon_2 (1).gif… FreeTon_10 (1) FreeTon_1 (1) FreeTON_8

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Moved to finished contest.

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Your PDF leads to this link. No correlating ID between the PDF contest submission and this work. There is no way to verify that you are the one who created this work. Unfortunately, it will be impossible to verify this work belongs to the same person = possible rejection

My submission
This is not malware! Please, do not reject it
Gifs from archive
I asked about post edit here Contest Proposal: Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part II. Gifs , but no one tell how to edit my post

My gifs



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Dear @XLR25t
When you are log into forum and copy a link, your ID will locate at the end of the link. Please note that the ID at the end of the link I have provided in my submission PDF is completely the same as my forum ID. So, the work belongs to me, for sure.

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Hi dear Jurors.

A while ago, i submitted my GIFs to contest (submission #28).

(link of my submission:

For better results with more quality & lower sizes, i rendered them in .MP4 format; as one of the admins said in the contest forum, other formats are also welcome.

Sounds like the dear juror who has judged my submission couldn’t play the MP4 files (due to problem in google drive) but he/she could download & watch them.

I have uploaded all the GIFs to a channel so you & jurors can see & judge them.

I’ll appreciate a review in my submission.

Link of my contest GIF channel:

I fully agree. Thanks for your time & support. I appreciate that. <3

Hi in gif contest juror say that : Funny factor points for sure. PDF no link to work. Same for forum. Just in thread. Careful.
But link work please check it!:fire:

Pdf link

Or do you mean that there is no link to the gif file repository in the pdf file? it seems to me that the forum is the store of gif files in which you can immediately view it.