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Contest Proposal: Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part III. Images for social media

что то тут не так :thinking:

И имхо таких ушлых товарисчей нужно сразу исключать из конкурса


very sorry, I wanted to send yesterday using my josikie account but couldn’t send submissions, i got an error, so I used a second account for the one named Moya to collect submissions but I forgot to delete my josikie account comments

very sorry, I wanted to send yesterday using my josikie account but couldn’t send submissions, i got an error, so I used a second account for the one named Moya to collect submissions but I forgot to delete my josikie account comments

в гугл диске , в папке которую Вы представили на конкурс , очевидно можно вносить изменения . Добавлять или удалять файлы .

does that mean I don’t have to comment again if I want to add a new category submission? Okay, thank you very much hehe

  1. Contest / Winners Announcement

  1. Meetup / Stream

  1. Update / innovation

  1. Presentation / Training

  1. Voting

Thank you for attention! I hope you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


What`s up? Here are my images for social media!

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Hello all, following please find my lovely them images for social media:


Hi, guys! My works to this contest. Enjoy)


Hi all!

I’ve been following Free TON on the news for a while now but registered here to submit my ideas on social media design.

I’ve gathered some relevant topics for post, so, when one sees the design it can easily understand what the post is about. Of course, the headers can be changed in the source file.

You can check out the whole pack by this link -

Best of luck to all the participants!


Hi, this is my competition entry. The files are available here.


Hello everyone! I decided to show my vision of graphic templates for publishing posts on social media.

My Telegram nickname is @maximmuzychenka

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Hey there, FreeTON! Here goes my picture pack.
I wanted to make my pictures pack useful and handy for a community manager or SMM specialist, so they can customize a template in a couple of clicks. Using different visual styles boosts up and supplements the post’s texting - it makes it more readable. Doesn’t conflict with other languages, since the community is international =) Can serve as the unified style guide for all posts.

Picture pack
Pics are divided by potential post topics: some major holidays (Christmas, Halloween), major events for the community (exchange listings), wallet/blockchain tech upgrades/updates, warnings, announcements, and so on.

@Roman_D , if I win smth I can provide the Figma Project link. This would be way easier for a manager to customize it for a certain post texting, plus there is a great exporting capability regarding the contest specs (.png, .svg). You can copy out those elements to your own FIGMA storage, or I can transfer the project ownership to your account. Cheers!


The work was done earlier. Country flags package available, will be provided upon
community request.

Below are images for Instagram 1080 × 1080 px and 820x510 px for social media posts and
other the format 1280 × 720 px (with minor amendments).

The Freeton logo is also made in black.
You can see it on the last page.

Community flags of countries:

  1. African Union
  2. Arab League
  3. ASEAN
  4. Brazil
  5. Canada
  6. China
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Greece
  10. India
  11. Iran
  12. Israil
  13. Italy
  14. Japan
  15. Korea
  16. Malta
  17. Singapore
  18. Spain
  19. Turkey
  20. Ukraine

1080x1080 px for Instagram:

820x510 px for social media posts and 1280 × 720 px.

Logo black:

Thank you! :blush:


Hi all,
Here is my submission:
White light is refracted in the crystals, making artfully cut pure and transparent diamonds “play all the colors of the rainbow”.
The idea of the kinship of refracted light and the capabilities of the TON infrastructure led us to this concept.
Light polarization has been widely applied in practice.


Hi ^^
My images for the contest:

Idea is simple
The edges of a TONE crystal are the geometric shapes that it consists of graphically. Easily turn into any images, drawings, pictures and broadcast messages. Convenient. Practical. Concise.

All images at google drive -


So, finally I made some pictures for Free TON project promotion. Hope these will be useful for social media. Rendered with blender)) If you have any questions about the format or any other remark (text, animation, etc.) all sources are available, we will correct it).

Telegram: @Papsan
Instagram: @

Google drive:



I’d like to participate in the contest and help the community grow.

The link to my contact and to the sources:

Enjoy !

Images for social media by encipher. Tg name @enbit88


Всем привет. Моя работа для этого конкурса. Я специально не делал много надписей, потому что есть исходники, на которых можно все написать, под каждую ситуацию или новость.

Так же я готовил баннеры для соревнований по компьютерным играм.

На самом деле есть смысл готовить картинку для каждого мероприятия отдельно что я и готов делать для сообщества


Hello this is my work for this contest. I deliberately did not make a lot of inscriptions, because there are sources on which you can write everything, for every situation or news.

I also prepared banners for computer FreeTON`s games competitions.

In fact, it makes sense to prepare a picture for each event separately, which I am ready to do for the community.