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Contest Proposal: Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part V. Memes

Hello guys. I decided to have some fun, so let’s laugh together) Enjoy!




Telegram Username: @am_kira

Google Drive Link:

The Google Link Folder Contains all png and svg formats:

  • Png for Memes
  • Svg is raw file for making edits

Enjoy my memes guys!

Hello! not ready now!

This is my memes:

Link to all memes:

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My memes uploaded here:

Hi, i’d like to make my submission
my telegram username: @littlegor
my maymays are uploaded here:


This is the collaborative work of, as per the decentralization spirit :slight_smile: Hope you will enjoy it.

Please see the original images are here:

Wallet address is 0:68d3603f8bfbf6b7e936d0a2bc59d18a4b15fc4abfaa0109c8452a0e06b1b11d


Moved to finished contest.

#Update of submission N56
Last days of the contest I was so busy with animated stickers that I forget to attach google drive link to my post with PNG
Here is a link on google drive with pictures for meme contest:
They are absolutely the same as on my post. The only difference is file format and resolution (PNG - Resolution 820x510 and 510x510)
I kindly ask the jury to review all the files.
Thank you.

Sorry, forgot to provide contact info:
telegram: @aestlist

Hi there,

As the first jury mentioned that he/she didn’t get my last memes, please let me explain it. SEC was against freedom and Free TON has destroyed SEC and cut it into two Sections. Please note that SEC is the acronym of “Section” too.

Have a nice time


Hello there,

I want to have a scientific discussion and question here. I saw the above mentioned submission (submission # 19) have earned 5 likes from community. I reviewed all the submissions above in detail, and found that the rank of this submission among all 66 submissions, in terms of user likes, is Rank #3 (Rank 3 among 66 submissions, there are 7 and 6 liked submissions also).

I really respect to the Jurors. They did hard works. They are really nice guys in the community.

But, as a concern, I ask. Why such a popular submission (from user likes point of view) just earned 3.5 points from 8 jurors till now?

Just for pathology.

Thank you again for your hard working!

I respect your vote, definitely. :pray:t2: :blue_heart:

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I’m sorry it’s not a scientific reply but I could guess: may be community is not limited by contest requirements but Jury is.
I’m not talking about your work so please, don’t take this on your side but for example, as a person I could feel some emotion from, let’s say, vulgar picture so I will like it but Jury probably would not.

P.S. I’m not pretending for the answer. It is my guess only.

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Sorry but I have somehow an opposite opinion.

I think these works (gifs, stickers etc) are going to be used on social media and are supposed to be attractive for Free TON audiences. So, as such contests are not that technical, the contest requirements and the vote of juries look to be not necessary.

Instead, we may make polls for such contests and ask the community to vote. The opinion of the community is closer to that of our next audiences. In addition, we can increase the number and amounts of rewards as we don’t need to pay for juries.

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Now tell me how to transfer the originals, this must be done according to the terms of the competition. and how will this happen, will you post the information here?

Я выше в своем комментарии обращал внимание на идентичные заявки в этом конкурсе.

В итоге, заявки №18 и №38 одинаковые. За обе заявки жюри проголосовало: №18 делит места 15-17 (набрала 5,91 балл), а №38 заняла 13-е место (6,63 балла). Оба места призовые, автор в отличном профите. Один только член жюри из 12 обратил на это внимание и сделал комментарий.

Всего 25 призовых мест. Как теперь быть тому, кто занял 26-е место?

Above, in my commentary, I drew attention to identical applications in this competition.

As a result, submissions # 18 and # 38 are the same. The jury voted for both submissions: # 18 divides places 15-17 (scored 5.91 points), and # 38 took 13th place (6.63 points). Both places are prize-winning, the author is in excellent profit. Only one jury member out of 12 noted this and made a comment.

A total of 25 prizes. Now what about the one who took 26th place?


I confirm this is a duplicate.It’s outrageous! , @Roman_D please pay attention to this incident and take action.

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