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Contest Proposal: Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part V. Memes

Yes. The point is here. SEC even has not enough power to do fight against Free TON. It doesn’t mean that SEC had no wish to fight against Free TON. By having the right system and plan, Free TON has destroyed SEC in the beginning. :+1:

Great ideas for this contest. Interesting!

Hi guys.
Here’s the link of my submission for the MEME CONTEST:

Have a great one. :slight_smile:


Hello! I tried to make the work funny. I hope you enjoy them.

For more convenience, I also published it in the Telegram channel. I am also ready to help manage this channel and publish memes. I think this might help the community.


Hello everybody!
Finally I finished my work for the competition. It wasn’t that easy. In fact, coming up with memes on a specific topic is not quite as easy as it seems. And you still need to arrange and so that the meaning is clear. But this is a routine.
I’m glad to finally present my work. I hope the jury will understand this humor: in those memes where I tried to joke. When my close people watched this, they told me that I have no humor (this is such a strange humor for me)
Memes should be meaningful, with subtext, evoke emotions. Also, the content must be original.
Everything that is there, it was taken from the life of the community, from video meetings, the main problems that arose. Perhaps the jury will find some points controversial, but this is by design. In particular, the phrase about the smart contract is from the video broadcast, and the phrase about the pizza meme is the opposite (true and false) - it looks pretty funny.
I tried, honestly.
Good luck to everyone and me too)

For Russian speakers

For native English speakers

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Dear jury of this competition. I looked through all the applications for the Meme competition and found the following pattern: some participants submit the same work 2 times.
For example,
Submission numbered # 1 and # 13 are the same memes, only rearranged;
Submission numbered # 18 and # 38 are identical;
Submission numbered # 25 and # 26 are identical;
Submission numbered # 29 and # 30 are identical;
Submission numbered # 33 and # 34 are identical.
Can you somehow influence this and remove all duplicates so as not to mislead the jury of the competition and equalize everyone’s chances? Or disqualify such participants altogether.

Уважаемое жюри данного конкурса. Я просмотрел все заявки на конкурс по Мемам и обнаружил такую закономерность: некоторые участники подают по 2 раза одни и те же работы.
заявки под номерами #1 и #13 - одинаковые мемы, только переставлены местами;
номера заявок #18 и #38 – идентичны;
номера заявок #25 и #26 – идентичны;
номера заявок #29 и #30 – идентичны;
номера заявок #33 и #34 – идентичны.
На это можно как-то повлиять и удалить все дублирующие, чтобы не вводить в заблуждение жюри конкурса и уровнять шансы каждого? Либо вообще дисквалифицировать таких участников.



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I hope everyone will like it.

My Free TON address:






Hi, I think from my second post it was clearly clear that proposal # 13 differs from proposal # 1 in that the memes are adjusted to the correct format 820 * 510 or 510 * 510, as it later turned out that this limitation is mandatory
And I am writing this so that there are no questions about why another proposal was made (the old one cannot be deleted)
Hope for understanding

Message from my second proposal:

Hi guys!
here are my memes


I’m in

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Hello, I wish you all good luck

the account was blocked, so I could not upload this pack on time, and this is a meme similar to the meme of one of the participants

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вам точно надо в жюри !!!

но с предложением бана таких участников не согласен.
Представьте такую ситуацию : вы старались делали мемы , а какой то злоумышлиник скопировал ваши мемы , зарегистрировал новый аккаунт и новый кошелёк и выложил повторно ваши мемы !!
почему вы предлагаете банить обоих ???
с каждой ситуацией надо разбираться , задвоиные заявки 25/26 и 29/30 идут подряд и очень близки по времени - похоже на случайное повторное направление (если в них указан одинаковый кошелек получателя призовых).

1/13 видно поспешил , а потом переделал
18/38 и 33/34 время между заявками большое , надо разбираться что поменял ( кошелек , адрес, ник)

Система подачи/приема заявок переделывалась во время конкурса , и ее надо дальше улучшать:
1 возможно в некоторых конкурсах следует вводить ограничение на подачу только одной заявки с одного кошелька…
2 добавить возможность платной отмены(отзыва) заявки для корректировки (до завершения времени приема заявок) с того же адреса кошелька который был указан при подаче.

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Good News, everyone! New memes :smile:
Hope you like that! @UshakovKirill

Have i nice day :four_leaf_clover:




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Hi everyone!
I present a selection of memes «16 facts about FreeTON» that reveal all the strengths of the project and will help new users find out the key data about FreeTon!

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I am glad to post some really funny mems:
I tried to make memes understandable, if something is not clear write in the comments :point_down:

PS. See more using link before

here is my memes for this contest :arrow_down:

all of my Meme workarts are in the link below:

this is my submission for this contest. I wish you enjoy it.

Link to presentation in PDF

Memes in PNG

Memes in SVG