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Contest proposal: Secure and handy tool for signing multisig transactions

Yes. We need that tool. Bright crypto–future should be convenient for everyone!

we already have, which is opensourced ( and very convenient, made by @isheldon (maybe other guys too, but i only heard about it from @isheldon)

if you don’t trust websites, you can run it locally in your browser, it’s very simple.

what else do we need, fancy animations, material design?

do you people really think that spending SIXTY THOUSAND TONS when there is already a free, open-source, perfectly working tool, is a good idea?


Hello! Good, already in use

I only have one question: how is this contest related to web&design?


@MIchael_Kabanov Maybe you have answer to this question?
“how is this contest related to web&design?”

Yep, I do. It has been announced as one of the goals of the subgov - Free TON Web & Design Sub-Governance

Let me quote it for you:

The goal is to provide end users of websites, applications, articles and other information products with quality design, illustrations and navigation and further enhance digital user experience and effectiveness of information processing.

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Официальное приглашение MIchael_Kabanov

Ok I saw that point. However the contest rules did not stipulate “appealing visuals”, “design” and “web”. It’s all about technical contest for the developers! There is nothing about visual or webdesign aspect!

I know that the technical solution was already developed by many teams.
And here is where my question originates from! Why is that contest nominated by the Web&Design??

There are much more relevant subgovs for this.


I’m not sure why are you asking me about other subgovs? You should address the question to them - why such a solution has never been run through a contest.

Again, re-read the quoted piece, we’re not here to develop (!) the tech, we’re here to make life of the user (!!) easier. Thus, nothing prevents our subgov to offer a draft, anybody can comment and add their ideas.


Im sure this contest totally doesnt belong to this subgovernance. This contest is for developers

How is it possible that the Web&Design jury members, who have particular area of expertise, would judge the technical contests for developers? Do you consider this normal?

In my opinion this is equivalent to the situation where the SMM subgov would organize the Ethereum bridge development contest, giving the motivation of this decision based on the fact that these are essentially social links and nobody else ever did this.


How do you use TON Surf? Are you a developer? How can you evaluate it? Have you seen the source code?

You’re posting on the forum built on Ruby - are you a Ruby developer? How can you judge if the forum is good or not?

Do you use smart contracts in analytics subgov? Did you write it? How good do you know Solidity?

I can go on for ages :slight_smile:

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Looks like the other initials don’t have balls to shut up this guy. This goes beyond all boundaries. I just want to puke from such a blatant cut. No wonder TON rates fall so fast…

Гребанное кумовство убьёт этот проект.


agree with you. main problem of free ton

I see a big problem in this proposal, because there is a word “secure” in the description of the tool, but security requirements in the proposal are very poor. Security analysis essay will say nothing about security of this tool. There must be at least security analysis executed by the qualified 3rd party for every submission. Who will be responsible for crystals loss by users due to vulnerabilities in software if there is no security audit? Why developers, who taking part in this contest will be interested in creating a secure tool? Anyone with a background in security knows that there is always a trade-off between security and usability, and this is a very complex task.


Such a comment - music for my ears. Thank you.

Yep, I’ve been talking to some guys here and there past several days about how we can go with the security part of these solutions.

It seems that the best way is to make a 2 staged contest: first part will be judged from the standpoint of users (how easy and fun is to use the tool). Winners with 6-10 places will get rewards when the voting is over.

Top 5 (TBD) solutions will go to the second stage - security validation by 3rd party. This stage can be carried out on web & design subgov (management only) or can go into e.g. DevEx subgov fully.
When the validation is done and solutions are secure, they receive rewards for Stage 1 (user experience) and rewards for the Stage 2 (TBD).

Such a model also introduces the collaboration of subgovs what is also a very cool thing.

What do you think?

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@MIchael_Kabanov answer again why do we need to spend 60k tons on something already available for free and very easy to use?

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Does anyone try this?

I’m ready to answer all your questions.
Simple instalation
$1 per month for VPS or host it on your personal virtual ubuntu.
This bot use nothing

This bot doesn’t need external IP
It available on the telegram 24/7
Instruction available on GitHub
Installation is so simple.
Why do we need contest for this?
If you love this tool, you can donate) Donate wallet 0:7ccbe4a3bfac4afd44b20d8042925af13a9fc5aeaec1d600dadd70798f64d9ad

Also, with this bot on external machine helps me to win TOP-10 in depot games too. All works perfect

There are several reasons to do that:

  • support existing solutions (like Ivan’s and Stanislav’s mentioned in the topic)
  • encourage the devs of the existing solutions to continue the development
  • attract other developers to offering their solutions

As result, the community will have a number of tools of their liking.

And this can be a small step in offering user-friendly tools, supporting the devs and, in general, making the network easily understandable by people.

These goals are more than enough to launch not even one but a number of contest.

they are open source

by giving money to w&d subgov? better create proposal to reward the authors of the tools.

there are plenty of solutions already

like i said, they have it already

for humanity, but big leap for w&d subgovernance?

we just discovered the goals are already achieved. by that logic, no contest required?