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Contest proposal: Secure and handy tool for signing multisig transactions

@MIchael_Kabanov answer again why do we need to spend 60k tons on something already available for free and very easy to use?

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Does anyone try this?

I’m ready to answer all your questions.
Simple instalation
$1 per month for VPS or host it on your personal virtual ubuntu.
This bot use nothing

This bot doesn’t need external IP
It available on the telegram 24/7
Instruction available on GitHub
Installation is so simple.
Why do we need contest for this?
If you love this tool, you can donate) Donate wallet 0:7ccbe4a3bfac4afd44b20d8042925af13a9fc5aeaec1d600dadd70798f64d9ad

Also, with this bot on external machine helps me to win TOP-10 in depot games too. All works perfect

There are several reasons to do that:

  • support existing solutions (like Ivan’s and Stanislav’s mentioned in the topic)
  • encourage the devs of the existing solutions to continue the development
  • attract other developers to offering their solutions

As result, the community will have a number of tools of their liking.

And this can be a small step in offering user-friendly tools, supporting the devs and, in general, making the network easily understandable by people.

These goals are more than enough to launch not even one but a number of contest.

they are open source

by giving money to w&d subgov? better create proposal to reward the authors of the tools.

there are plenty of solutions already

like i said, they have it already

for humanity, but big leap for w&d subgovernance?

we just discovered the goals are already achieved. by that logic, no contest required?

Kick him - that is simple.


It’s a good tooling, and i want it to!

  1. There should be extended (exact) requirements for tooling “The solution should give the users an option to create, see, check and sign a transaction from a multisig wallet in several clicks/taps.”:
  • show not only unsigned tx’s (for Gov Multisig), but how many signs are already done/required
  • show what is in tx. To protect initials from signing fraudulent transactions from other initials (ie stolen seeds and so on)
  • etc
  1. I don’t know is there any requirement to have a 10 winners. But the cheaper = better. (if you don’t want desktop or mobile software). Web is cheaper and better for MVP (before advanced gov solutions and so on).
    So if we need to reward 10 (for web + adaptive layout):

1 place - 20k (7k immediate, rest by vesting). We will USE it in production. Please support lifecycle of this solution. Do it better, please! Update according to SDK and other changes.
2 place - 4k ( 4k immediate). Spare solution. We will use it in case winner will not support his solution anymore. If winner doesn’t = you should update your software and you will have vesting from winner.
3 place - 2k ( 2k immediate). You’re winner too and spare of spare.
4-10 - 700. Your application was worse, but thanks for try. If application doesn’t work (or totally bad) = reject.

So… we have 17900 (immediate payments) and 13000 in vesting (11 mo support total)
Total 30900

Although is good idea to implement payments forming (why not?) in semiauto maybe. Thats good in advance, when gov qty will grow.

If you need help in creating specification draft - i’ll try to help you.