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Country Ambassadors for Free TON Stage 1: Ambassador Selection [10-24.08.2020.]

Почему бы не попросить Павла Дурова?

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Hello! You got nice proposal! What do you think about this one? -

I think it needs to be separate. This stage 1 contest will essentially give the community a lot of the same feedback that yours proposes. Let’s rally to get this one fired up and then see where things go.

Hint: there are at least a few country organizers that have been thirsting for this contest. But we have to break it up into 2 stages in order to make it work right.


Hahahaha ))) look at the proposal again. It’s been refined

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In my opinion, It is better to express the “Stage 1: Ambassador Selection” in parentheses: Country Ambassadors for Free TON (Stage 1: Ambassador Selection)

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What about the other proposal on ambassadors?

/Contest Proposal: Free TON Ambassador Program Development

What is the relation between them? Why it doesn’t go for voting?

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The relation is suchlike:

I found this topic some days ago and there was no Contest Proposal for this issue, but just discussion and one option for the contest. I organized the Contest Proposal for the Ambassadors Program. And the author of this topic also made a variation of Contest. So now we got two of them.

I agree. We have to choose strategy for selecting ambassadors first and then go to selecting itself. The risk somebody will put the whole effort into the winning the contest, but not in the after-contest promotional, marketing work - is high.


Thank you! Very good idea !!!

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Готов стать послом
На территории ДНР. (Донецкая Народная Республика) .


Am I right that 10-24 of August corresponds to Stage 1 only? What period will be taken by Stage 2, I mean how long we have to perform the Ambassador duties?
Is it mandatory to be phisycally located in the country of represence?


The title of the post says “Contest Proposal”. But the topic has already been posted in active contests. Dear experts, attention, question: where to post my resume and presentation of my ideas for this competition? There is no separate link for placing applications for participation in the competition.

I will also support Arthur’s question, which was asked above.

В заглавии поста написано “Конкурсное предложение”. Но тема уже выложена в активные конкурсы. Уважаемые знатоки, внимание, вопрос: куда выкладывать резюме и презентацию моих идей по данному конкурсу? Нет отдельной ссылки для размещения заявок на участие конкурсе.

Так же поддержу вопрос Артура, который задан выше.


CV - here
Ideas - here

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А могут быть несколько послов от одной страны? Просто мы же понимаем что 70% это русскоязычное население

@Roman_D please help

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Hello. Similar to previous contests, any submission should be first a reply to the proposal text above. Then it should be uploaded via a PDF on

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Hello. According to the idea it is quite possible. Decide by the jury.

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Полагаю что могут, почему нет?

Great Idea.
Adoption is the key for any successful project.
Since free ton is a open project so we have to expand it at our most and hard efforts.